Legacy Leaders


Legacy Leaders are a dedicated group of individuals and families who have a passion for ensuring that children and their families thrive free from poverty today and in the future. Legacy leaders have promised to leave a gift in to CFTC in their will through a bequest, gift of life insurance or real estate.

Thank you for your enduring legacy.


Legacy Leaders

Ms. Debra D. Kerby
Mrs. Rose-Ann Kirkeeng
Jack Lucas
Dave McCagherty & Susan Skelton
Mr. and Mrs Dave and Sue Simpson
Stoll-McGovern Family
Allison Thompson
Ms. Rachelle Trudeau
Stephen Tymchuk and Kim Hannah
Jennifer L. Watson
Mr. Peter Wise
Anonymous donors

Legacy Estates

CFTC would like to recognize the legacy and generosity of the following donors who have passed away. We are grateful to have received gifts from the estates of:

Elizabeth Anderson
Edna Broeska
Katherine Card
Paulette Caron
Janet Cleland
Gerald Coultas
Dorothy Cournoyer
Dorothy Cummins
Wendy Davis
Margaret Dumont
Freda Fennell
Reta Gray

Douglas Halladay
Gloria Hazen
Leslie James
Eleanor Johnson
Robert Lee
Francesca Mastrella
Daniel McIntosh
Ron Moir
Arvilla Moore
Cora Moore
Pauline O’Connor
Eleanor Rushworth

Margaretta Shiels
Barbara Small
Murray Spence
Forster Swannell
Mary Timmins
John Vanderwel
Wilfred Vella
Esme Wales
Joseph Weisberg
June Wilson