Women Deliver 2019 Mobilization Canada is a rallying cry for unity in gender equality and girls and women’s empowerment.

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Canadian Feed The Children joins the mobilization

We know that when we invest in girls and women, there is a ripple effect that reaches families, communities, and nations. That’s why we’ve chosen to join the Women Deliver 2019 Mobilization.

As a mobilizer, we are joining fellow Canadians and organizations who are organizing across the country to participate in events, discussions and actions to raise awareness about gender equality and women and girls’ health, rights and wellbeing.

The Women Deliver 2019 Conference will take place in Vancouver from June 3rd - 6th 2019. It will be the world’s largest conference on gender equality in the 21st century.

Our commitment to advancing gender equality

Partnering for women and children. Everywhere.

We’ve joined the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH) to better support women and children throughout the world realize their full health and wellbeing. Read more.

CFTC joins the call for inclusive and quality education

We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to inclusive and quality education globally through our membership with the International Education Policy Working Group (CIEPWG). Read more.

Spurring women’s economic empowerment

We work in partnership with communities to spur women’s economic empowerment. Read about how our RESULT project, generously funded by the Government of Canada, did just that.

Standing up for girls’ health and rights

Together with local partners, we stand up for girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights. Safe space groups, local sanitary pad production, and community dialogue all help to keep girls safe and in school. Read more.

Help us spread the word!

Three ways you can help raise awareness of gender equality and girls and women’s economic empowerment:

Together, we can help make sure that women and girls around the world have equal rights and are able to reach their full potential.