Women Deliver 2019 Mobilization Canada is a rallying cry for unity in gender equality and girls and women’s empowerment.

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Canadian Feed The Children joins the mobilization

We know that when we invest in girls and women, there is a ripple effect that reaches families, communities, and nations. That’s why we’ve chosen to join the Women Deliver 2019 Mobilization.

As a mobilizer, we are joining fellow Canadians and organizations who are organizing across the country to participate in events, discussions and actions to raise awareness about gender equality and women and girls’ health, rights and wellbeing.

The Women Deliver 2019 Conference will take place in Vancouver from June 3rd - 6th 2019. It will be the world’s largest conference on gender equality in the 21st century.

Our commitment to advancing gender equality

Partnering for women and children. Everywhere.

We’ve joined the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH) to better support women and children throughout the world realize their full health and wellbeing. Read more.

CFTC joins the call for inclusive and quality education

We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to inclusive and quality education globally through our membership with the International Education Policy Working Group (CIEPWG). Read more.

Spurring women’s economic empowerment

We work in partnership with communities to spur women’s economic empowerment. Read about how our RESULT project, generously funded by the Government of Canada, did just that.

Empowered women empower other women

We take stock of the role that women’s livelihoods play in women’s empowerment. When women are empowered, their children and communities benefit from the increased productivity and women will empower one another. Read more.

Standing up for girls’ health and rights

Together with local partners, we stand up for girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights. Safe space groups, local sanitary pad production, and community dialogue all help to keep girls safe and in school. Read more.

International Development Week 2019

Join us from February 3-9 as we share stories of amazing women from our partner organizations and communities who champion gender equality, and whose work is made possible because of Canadians like you.

Wedadu smiles for the camera

"I am a living testimony of the wonders that Canadian support can make for girls around the world. Driven by my childhood experience of living in poverty, I now work hard to help girls and women who remind me so much of me. Every day I work with Canadian partners to make sure that girls receive equal treatment and can stay in school."

Wedadu, Program Manager at RAINS (CFTC's local partner in Ghana)

Neyaz speaks with young girl

“I encourage women to speak up if they are victims of violence. I let them know that they can ask for support.”

Together with our local Bolivian partner IPTK, Neyza Rodriguez runs workshops in her community where women and men learn about violence prevention in the home, healthy relationships, conflict resolution and women’s rights. Children are also taught about their own rights and are empowered with resources and support networks that include professionals like Rodriguez to help keep them safe, all thanks to Canadian support.

Meron smiles for the camera

“I learned the value of helping others because of Canadian programs that helped me and my family. Your support was always there.”

Meron, a former sponsored child with Canadian Feed The Children, was able to stay in school and was given opportunities that girls often do not get in her community. Now a successful entrepreneur, Meron volunteers at a local orphanage, helping children like Canadians once did for her.

Loretta smiling at the camera

“Partnering with Canadian programs has been and is still instrumental in helping us achieve our vision of empowering communities to exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms”

Loretta is a Program Officer at UCOBAC, our local partner in Uganda, where she manages projects promoting gender equality, women’s empowerment, as well as prevention of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV). With Canadian support, Loretta has been able to engage communities on SGBV issues like ending child marriages, keeping girls in schools, building lavatory facilities for both boys and girls, as well as many other programs to help fight against SGBV.

Vanessa looking at the camera

The Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs) universal mandate to 'leave no one behind' calls upon Canadians to ensure efforts are made to end all forms of poverty and fight inequalities in Canada.

Vanessa is a Community Action Program for Children Coordinator with Beardy’s and Okemasis Cree Nation who plays a strong role in reducing food insecurity in her community. She leads gardening and canning workshops, runs community cooking classes, coordinates the maintenance of community gardens and orchards, and many other activities to promote food affordability, food accessibility, and food use in the community. This food security programming, lead by Vanessa, empowers community members in Beardy’s and Okemasis Cree Nation to take steps towards food security and food sovereignty.


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Three ways you can help raise awareness of gender equality and girls and women’s economic empowerment:

Together, we can help make sure that women and girls around the world have equal rights and are able to reach their full potential.