Food Security Projects

Multi-year projects funded by Global Affairs Canada

Aligned with the global movement to increase food security by supporting the world’s smallholder farmers, CFTC is executing large-scale agricultural and livelihoods projects in Ghana and Ethiopia.

Building on the success of the Climate Change Adaptation in Northern Ghana Enhanced (CHANGE) project, CFTC has strengthened our food security work by addressing women’s livelihoods, promoting climate-adaptive agricultural production, and boosting community resilience through innovative, community-based and -led training.

Our work supports Global Affairs Canada’s emerging development priorities and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal #1 – No Poverty; Goal #2 – Zero Hunger, Goal #5 – Gender Equality and Goal #13 – Climate Action.


RESULT (2012-2018) – Resilient and Sustainable Livelihoods Transformation – strengthenedpoor rural communities in the Upper East and Upper West regions of Ghana.

RESULT Project

Milear Project

MILEAR (2012-2017) -Market-Led Improved Livelihoods in Eastern Amhara Region – lifted farm families out of poverty in Ethiopia’s drought-stricken Eastern Amhara Region.

MILEAR Project

Change Project

CHANGE (2013-2015) – Climate Change Adaptation in Northern Ghana Enhanced – improved agricultural productivity and boosted community resilience in three regions of northern Ghana.

CHANGE Project