Donating Stocks & Shares

A donation of publicly-listed stocks, shares or securities is one of the easiest and most effective ways of supporting our work.

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The Benefits

  • Easy handling – Stocks, shares and securities can be transferred electronically.

  • Eliminate taxable capital gains – When you donate stocks and shares directly to CFTC, your taxable capital gains are eliminated.

  • Carry forward excess credit – Excess credit may be carried forward for up to five years if your donation exceeds the amount eligible for a tax credit in the year your donation is made.

  • Leave a lasting legacy – If you leave shares, stocks or securities to Canadian Feed The Children through your Will, your estate will receive the same tax benefits.

How it works

The most effective way to donate securities to Canadian Feed The Children is to transfer the shares electronically from your brokerage account. Download, complete and send a copy of the Transfer Form to Canadian Feed The Children so we can acknowledge and receipt your gift.

Transfer Form

Free Guide to Donating Stocks & Shares

Learn how to donate stocks, shares & securities including tax benefits.


Importance of Professional Advice

We strongly recommend you consult your own lawyer or other professional advisor about the applicability to your situation.