Donate Life Insurance

Make a lasting and profound impact on the lives of children, while benefiting from immediate or deferred tax benefits.

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The Benefits

  • Enjoy tax benefits – Depending on how you donate your life insurance, you will enjoy tax benefits during your lifetime or on your estate.

  • Make a large future impact with a small gift today – Donating life insurance allows you to make a significant charitable donation for a comparatively small premium. This donation will have a lasting impact on the children and communities affected by poverty.

  • Enjoy your donation now – You can become a major donor to CFTC today, rather than having to wait years to make your gift from accumulated assets.

How it works

There are several ways to give a gift of life insurance:

  • 1 Transfer an existing life insurance policy to Canadian Feed The Children and receive a charitable gift receipt.
  • 2Apply for a new life insurance policy, with Canadian Feed The Children as the owner, and receive a tax receipt for the premiums you pay.
  • 3Make Canadian Feed The Children the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. This option gives you no immediate tax benefits since Canadian Feed The Children does not own the policy, but your estate will receive a charitable tax receipt for the death benefits.

Free Life Insurance Guide

Includes a full explanation about how donating life insurance works plus a gift notification form.


Importance of Professional Advice

We strongly recommend you consult your own lawyer or other professional advisor about the applicability to your situation.