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Why give monthly

Long-Term Impact

Your monthly donation allows us to take a planned, long-term approach. As an Everyday Hero, you work side-by-side with us, making long-lasting improvements to children’s lives.


The communities where we work are not looking for hand-outs – they are working toward change. The women’s self-help groups in Addis Ababa are just one great example of the sustainable, life-changing work your monthly gifts make possible.


Monthly giving means low administration costs, which means that more of your money goes to where it’s needed most: reducing the impact of poverty on children.

Your Donation

Beyond Food

From food aid to sustainable food security

In addition to funding feeding programs, your monthly donation provides parents and communities with what they need to grow, buy and feed their families nutritious food sustainably.

Beyond Books

From school supplies to quality education

Your monthly gift increases access to quality early childhood and primary education, especially for girls. You’ll equip schools, recruit and train teachers, install water and sanitation facilities, and educate parents and communities on the value of education.

Beyond Charity

From charity to long-lasting change

Your monthly gift supports people, especially women, to earn income and contribute to household and community decision-making. Through micro-finance and skills development, families are empowered to create long-term, sustainable change that benefits children.

Meet the Beneficiaries



Early childhood education programs in La Paz, Bolivia provide daily meals, an excellent education and before- and after-school activities thanks to CFTC’s monthly supporters. Well-run, safe spaces with qualified educators provide parents with peace of mind, freeing them to earn incomes knowing their children are being cared for and fed. These centres fill important gaps in Bolivia’s social services safety net, and help bridge the growing gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in Bolivia, as well as educating and promoting child rights and child development in the community.

School Gardens


Monthly donors support school and community gardens — vibrant, hands-on ways to connect students, teachers, Elders, and other community members with the source of healthy, nutritious food. Gardens build knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating, as well as community spirit and connection across generations to important cultural traditions that revolve around the land and food grown on it. In autumn, in First Nations communities supported by CFTC, students enjoy reaping the harvest of their hard work to prepare and serve a meal to their Elders in celebration and thanks.

Agricultural Training

ghana, ethiopia

Monthly donors support community-based, community-led agricultural training and extension services which help increase crop productivity, boost resilience to climate change, and create sustainable income from agriculture. Smallholder farm families are better able to feed their families consistently, despite the challenges imposed by a harsh and changing climate. Monthly donors’ support for agricultural inputs and training is improving food security for hundreds of thousands of people in northern Ghana and the Eastern Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

Community Capacity Building

ethiopia, ghana, uganda

Village Savings and Loan Associations, Self-Help Groups and other micro-finance initiatives provide participants – primarily women – with business and marketing skills, knowledge of credit and savings, and the means to earn and control their own income. Monthly donors’ support for groups like these enable parents to increase their household earnings and engage in sustainable livelihoods, resulting in lasting, community-led change that ultimately helps improve children’s nutrition and health.

School Nutrition


In-school feeding programs remain a foundational element of CFTC’s work in Uganda. Providing healthy, nutritious breakfasts, lunches and snacks keeps children in school and helps them learn effectively when there. In impoverished and food-insecure communities, school nutrition programs alleviate the immense burden on parents to provide for their children, allowing for more equitable distribution of scarce household resources and reducing hunger among the most vulnerable.

Frequently asked questions

Your contribution is directed towards the core programs that Canadian Feed The Children funds across all of our countries of operation. We operate through local partners in each country: community-based organizations and other non-profits who share our commitment to poverty alleviation for children. These groups implement and deliver direct benefits to children in the areas of nutrition and education, and also participate in longer-term strategies to achieve the sustainable development goals of the communities in which they work, primarily in the areas of food security, sustainable agricultural production, livelihoods, and access to quality primary education and early childhood development and care.
You can become a monthly sponsor – that is, an “Everyday Hero” – for any amount you like, however, to help us apply your support in the most cost-effective manner, we recommend a minimum commitment of $20 per month. Even more important than the size of your donation is the commitment you are making to providing regular support each month. Whether it’s $20 or $50 (or more) per month, you can rest assured knowing that you are supporting programs that have a deep and long-lasting effect on children, families and entire communities through a flexible and cost-efficient method of donation.
As an Everyday Hero, we know that you have a strong vision and commitment to children so we offer a variety of ways to stay connected with the work and impact that your donations are helping to achieve. Our website offers regularly-updated information about CFTC’s programs around the world. You will also receive a semi-annual newsletter, thrive!, in the mail each Spring and Fall. You’ll also be signed up for our monthly enewsletter, Childhood. You’ll receive regular email communications from us highlighting news and information, including notification when our Annual Report is available online – which we release each year in July/August. And of course, you’re welcome to join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay connected and engaged via social media.
The short answer is yes! The slightly longer answer is that while we can ensure that your donation is applied directly to a specific country of operation, the communications you receive will continue to highlight all of the work across all of CFTC’s countries. This is because monthly donations overall are considered “undesignated” funds – meaning that they are applied to all of CFTC’s core programs on a pre-planned and as-needed basis. That’s why monthly undesignated giving is the most cost-effective giving option, as tracking, processing and administration is minimal and more of your dollars can be directed to the children we are helping together.

The most cost-effective way to become an Everyday Hero is by using our online form to setup pre-authorized payments from your chequing account or credit card. Pre-authorized payments make monthly donations easier by eliminating the need for postage, monthly cheques and reminder letters. Any way you choose to support us is an important decision that makes a vital difference in the life of a child.

Monthly donors receive one official charitable tax receipt in February (in time to prepare your taxes) for the total amount of your donations for the previous year. If you have misplaced your tax receipt or have any inquiries about receipting, please contact our Supporter Services team on 1-800-387-1221 or 416-757-1220 or via email at [email protected].

For more information about charitable tax receipts see the Government of Canada’s policy statement for charitable tax receipts.

Yes. We prepare and print an annual report each year that contains summary audited financial statements (if you would like a printed copy mailed to you, please let us know). We also post our annual report and our full audited financial statements online. You may obtain full, audited Canadian Feed The Children financial statements by contacting a member of our Supporter Services team.

About Us


We’re an independent, secular development agency founded and operating in Canada since 1986.


A registered Canadian charity, CFTC was among the first to be accredited by Imagine Canada’s Standards Program and in 2015 was awarded “Exemplar” status for its three consecutive wins in 2012, 2013, and 2014 of the Voluntary Sector Reporting Award of Excellence for Financial Reporting Transparency.


Our financials are independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers and published each year, while our volunteer Board of Directors sets and exceeds the highest standards in governance. You can count on the highest standards when it comes to use and stewardship of your generous donations.

Based on preliminary unaudited financial results for 2016. For more information about our financials please download our latest Annual Report