Why Zoe is thankful for your support

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Why Zoe is thankful for your support

Zoe has been a food sovereignty champion all her life

At 14, Zoe from Neyaashiinigmiing in Ontario has more experience than most in working toward food sovereignty. Firmly embedded in her Indigenous food traditions and heritage, Zoe has championed for food security and food sovereignty all her life. From her Elders, she’s learned how to grow food and eat from the land and leads her peers in tending the school orchard and produce garden.

I’ve learned a lot about food that grows within our native lands. I enjoy harvesting wild foods like leeks, morels, puffballs and apples. I also like to go partridge hunting with my Papa. Sometimes, we are able to give some of the food that we’ve gathered to other people in the community. This makes me feel good about myself.
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Zoe is thankful for your support

We at Canadian Feed The Children (CFTC) have been honoured to watch Zoe grow over the years into the young leader she is today. Zoe challenges us all to think of how our small actions can make a big impact. 

Zoe's growth into a young food sovereignty champion shows how powerful donor support can be. At CFTC we partner with 31 Indigenous communities in Canada as they re-establish local food sovereignty. These long term partnerships, made possible by donor support, help children like Zoe not only access regular nutritious food, but also be part of building sustainable food systems to feed generations to come.

At CFTC, we believe food and nourishment are a child's human right, and we are so glad you've joined us on this journey. We'll let Zoe have the last word.

"I just want to thank Canadian Feed the Children for supporting our Healthy Living Program for so many years.  We have been able to accomplish so much in our school and community because of you and all your faithful donors!  Chi-miigwetch!"
Zoe, 14, Neyaashiinigmiing