Your gifts at work during the COVID-19 crisis

Your gifts at work during the COVID-19 crisis

Children and families around the world are having a hard time accessing food and other basic needs due the COVID-19 pandemic, but your gifts are making a big difference for children who need it most.


A mother and young daughter are in their garden posing with their cropsWith your support, families are receiving emergency food boxes, and are growing fresh produce in home gardens.


A mother gently puts her arm around her daughter as they smile for the cameraIn Ghana, families are using emergency savings from their CFTC supported self-help groups to purchase food for their children. Community and radio sensitization trainings have been given to raise COVID-19 safety and health awareness. As well, a dozen women bee-keeping groups, supported by CFTC donors, have harvested their honey and are not only sharing it with community members for extra food, but will be selling the honey in order to buy food for their families.


A husband and wife sit with their four children next to them and on their laps, all smiling for the cameraYour support in Ethiopia has helped to provide emergency food and sanitation supplies like soap and masks. As well, we supported community sensitization training on COVID-19 and safety precautions. Families in the community have also been safely sharing food with one another.


A mother and her son grin widely for the cameraYour gifts are helping children and families in Uganda get emergency food and information to stop the virus’ spread. Sensitization training has been given to communities to inform them on the virus and how to stay safe. In addition, your support for our communities in Uganda have allowed families to attend to their gardens and grow their own food, having enough supplies for the season. Also, some education materials have been distributed to students so they can continue their studies from home.


A young man stands holding rabbits he's trappedCommunities are providing emergency food boxes, and sending hunters to harvest traditional foods for distribution.


Your continued support is helping children and families through this crisis and beyond. Thank you!