2024 and beyond: How your donations make an impact

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2024 and beyond: How your donations make an impact

As we enter 2024, all of us at Canadian Feed The Children are honoured to have such a group of dedicated supporters who, through thick and thin, have committed to helping children, families, and communities thrive in the face of adversity.

This year, there will be many challenges. Families worldwide are navigating a convergence of global crises, which makes accessing food even more difficult. But, with gifts from our devoted supporters, we have big plans that can bring big changes for children everywhere.

What children and families are facing in 2024

The world is in the grip of the most devastating hunger crisis ever seen. Amidst the significant challenges we face, children and their families are confronting a complex web of four humanitarian emergencies, each compounding the next. A global food crisis, fueled by record rates of inflation, persistent conflicts, and escalating climate disasters, has only exacerbated the ongoing and unequal recovery from the pandemic. Learn more about this issue in our blog "First Comes Food: Navigating a Convergence of Global Crises".

This is true in all five countries where we work: Canada, Bolivia, Uganda, Ghana, and Ethiopia.

While these problems are large and complex, we know that the solution – food security – is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and unlocking lasting societal change for children. That’s why food always comes first.

By addressing the root causes of food insecurity and hunger, children and their families can have food on the table now and sustainable local food systems that feed and nourish them for generations to come.

School meals

Providing school meals is one of the first steps in addressing child hunger. They address the immediate concern of nutrition and physical hunger but have many other benefits too. School meals keep children in school, improve their academic performance and reduce their parents’ food costs. This is why communities continue to make supplying meals a priority.

Women's livelihoods and climate-smart agriculture

Promoting women's livelihoods, particularly through initiatives like climate-smart agriculture, plays a crucial role in addressing long-term food security challenges while empowering women to participate in building sustainable food systems. When a woman receives the tools and knowledge to earn more money, she can bring economic stability to her household, ensure that her children have enough food to eat, and lift her family out of poverty.

Youth skills

For youth, getting started in the job market is a challenge. It’s important to support strong livelihoods to break the cycle of poverty for future generations. Youth skills can be pivotal in ensuring food security, not only through guaranteed income to buy food, but by developing a cohort of individuals who will be able to create a resilient food sector capable of meeting the growing global demand for food.

Indigenous food sovereignty 

For centuries, Indigenous peoples have used their knowledge of traditional food systems and the land as a means of survival. However, traditional food isn’t easily accessible to many communities. As well, many children have been disconnected from this essential knowledge due to the ongoing effects of colonization. As Indigenous communities in Canada continue to face higher rates of food insecurity than the overall population, they are working towards reconnecting with their traditional food practices. The end goal is to re-establish local food systems and bring food sovereignty to feed children and families for generations.

Your donations will make a big impact for children in 2024

Thank you for partnering with families to help feed and nourish children this upcoming year. These gifts are essential in navigating the global hunger crisis, and working towards establishing long-term food solutions for families in Canada and worldwide.

Whether you plan to give a one-time donation, sign up as a monthly donor, sponsor a child, give a symbolic gift (the Best.Gift.Ever) or simply spread the word, you’re helping to create a world where children thrive.

We can’t wait to see what we achieve for children together - and as our valued supporters, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.