Here’s how your donations will help children in 2023

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Here’s how your donations will help children in 2023

As we begin 2023, we at Canadian Feed The Children want to thank all of our donors for making such a meaningful impact in children’s lives with their continued support.

This year we have big plans, and we are excited to share some of them with you. With food prices and inflation continuing to rise, children are counting on us to ensure they can eat well and thrive. Together, we will make it happen. Here's how.

Goal 1: 4 million meals for children and families 

Why it’s important:

The number one cause of food insecurity is poverty, and to address it, we must work on breaking down the inequalities that leave so many families uncertain about where their next meal is coming from. 

However, for children and families who are facing hunger right now, meals are the first priority. That’s why we’ve set a goal this year of delivering 4 million meals for children and families. 

How we'll get there: 

  • School meal programs
  • Community soup kitchens
  • Family food boxes
  • Sharing fruits, veggies and wild harvested food from farms, gardens, and food forests

Goal 2: 4,226 caregivers and youth building financial security around the world

Why it’s important:

For caregivers and parents around the world, building financial security is an essential step towards family food security. This is especially true for women, who face gender discrimination that prevents financial equality. For youth, getting started in the job market is a challenge. It’s important to support strong livelihoods to break the cycle of poverty for future generations. 

How we'll get there:

  • Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA)
  • Youth skills training
  • Business incubation programs
  • Women’s economic empowerment groups
  • Gender equality training for both men and women
Medina, a cattle trader, stands with one of her calves in Ethiopia

Goal 3: 2,087 community members growing more food

Why it’s important:

For many of the communities we partner with, agriculture is a way of life practiced successfully for generations. But the effects of colonialism, climate change, and global economic inequalities have made it difficult for communities to produce enough food to sustain families, or in some places, difficult to produce any food at all. Growing more food locally is a critical part of helping families feed their children regular, nutritious meals.

How we'll get there:

  • Climate-smart agricultural training for farmers
  • Providing seeds, tools, irrigation and other inputs for farming families
  • Home, school and community gardens
Anna Maria with her mother in their home garden

Goal 4: 31 Indigenous communities closer to food sovereignty

Why it’s important:

For centuries, Indigenous peoples have used their knowledge of traditional food systems and the land as means of survival. However, traditional food isn’t easily accessible for many communities, and many children have been disconnected from this essential knowledge due to the effects of colonization. As Indigenous communities in Canada continue to face higher rates of food insecurity than the overall population, they are working towards reconnecting with traditional food practices. The end goal is to re-establish local food systems, and bring food sovereignty to feed children and families for generations.

How we'll get there:

  • Land-based education programs for all ages
  • Intergenerational community learning opportunimties
  • Nutrition programs that focus on Indigenous food traditions
  • Food forests in four Indigenous Nations in Saskatchewan and Alberta

Your donations will make a big impact for children in 2023

Thank you for partnering with families to help feed and nourish children this upcoming year. Your donations are essential to help achieve these goals for children and families, and we are so grateful that you’ve joined us. We can’t wait to see what we achieve for children together - and as our valued supporters, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.