Working hard for a better life

Working hard for a better life

My name is Salome and I live in Uganda with my six children and five-year-old grandson, Promise. A few years ago my husband abandoned our family, and it’s been up to me to provide for them ever since.

I’ve always earned an income by collecting firewood from the nearby forest to sell for money to support my family – but it’s never enough. When my eldest children were young, I did not have a sustainable income to sustain their school fees. Plus, the nearest school was 10 km away. Eventually they dropped out of school and started helping me at home instead.

I used to be ignorant on what changes were happening in today’s world – specifically on livelihoods, food security, nutrition and education. I looked at the difficulty of my situation as being normal. I had never even thought of what benefits we would get from having a balanced diet.

Then Canadian Feed The Children and their local partner CEDO reached out to help – and it changed everything.

It all started with one goat…

I was given my first goat in 2012 and I was trained on how to keep it healthy and strong. The one goat I received has now turned into 15 because I’ve bred them – and together they have contributed to a rise in family income that we desperately needed after my husband abandoned us. Raising animals has helped change my family.

Because of generous Canadians, Salome was given livestock and was able to join a Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) to learn how to save money.

I’ve learned that goats need to be dewormed once at least every three months and that they should not be taken for grazing when the grass is still wet. I also learned how to properly feed my goats, especially when one is pregnant.

CEDO helped me join a Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) where I learned how to save the money I was earning from my goats and firewood sales.

Eventually, I was able to purchase one acre of land with the money I’d saved. CEDO helped teach me how to farm food on my new land. I participated in farmer field schools where I could test my knowledge with other farmers in my community. Now I grow groundnuts, cassava, beans and potatoes – all of which my children and grandson enjoy. I’ve also attended many trainings on nutrition that has helped improve my understanding and my family’s well being.

Working hard for a better life

Generous Canadians helped fund the building of a new early childhood development (ECD) centre close to my home. My grandson Promise recently became a sponsored child through Canadian Feed The Children, and so I feel good knowing he’ll be able to stay in school. He is a good student and loves to play and sing. Two of my young children also attend the ECD and will be starting primary school soon.

Between collecting firewood, growing vegetables on my land, raising my goats – and selling boiled maize and beans for breakfast near my house – I am able to pay for my children’s school fees, clothes and other necessities at home.

I work hard so that my children and grandson can have a better life. Though not all my children are in school, I have taught them to be hardworking. My dream is to see my children grow up to be responsible citizens. I am proud that I have been able to take care of my children as a single parent. Thank you for your help.

GOAT – $75
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