Why I Give: Yutaro

Why I Give: Yutaro

For his birthday, Yutaro set up a Facebook Fundraiser and selected Canadian Feed The Children as his charity of choice. We saw Yutaro spreading the message of his fundraiser across all social media platforms, and were impressed by his dedication to helping children thrive. We caught up with Yutaro and asked him about his unique experience in international development and what drives him to give back. 

Yutaro, thank you so much for your generous support of Canadian Feed The Children. Could you tell us a little about yourself?
I run a social venture called Rocka Foods, which delivers meals kits to schools and other canteens in Ghana. We use fresh and affordable ingredients that we source directly from local farmers and wholesalers.

Before Rocka Foods, I used to work for the UN World Food Programme (WFP) Ghana, and saw firsthand the importance of nutritious and satiating school meals. For three generations, my family has been running similar meal programs in Japan, so I knew of the continuing importance of school meals worldwide.

My wife and I currently live in Vancouver and in our spare time we like garden, walk in the beautiful nature and go to cozy cafes. We met overseas doing international development work, so it’s nice we share this common passion. My wife is also Japanese, so we like to do traditional Japanese activities together, too.

Is giving back generally a big part of your life? Did you have an example of volunteering or supporting good causes growing up?
Absolutely. Growing up, my family was involved in school meal programs and other health sector roles, so I learned early on about the importance of giving back. I started volunteering locally in Vancouver at a food bank before I worked internationally for World Food Programme.

How did you hear about Canadian Feed The Children?
CFTC’s Ghana Country office was close to my residency in Ghana when I worked for WFP. It was there that I was able to meet CFTC staff at various local stakeholder meetings. I learned about CFTC’s fantastic work not only in Ghana, but around the world and at home in Canada.

Why did you choose Canadian Feed The Children for your donation?
On my most recent birthday, Facebook suggested that I hold a birthday fundraiser for a non-profit of my choice, and CFTC was the first organization that came to my mind. It ended up being a smaller fundraiser, but I’m hopeful it will provide help for the children CFTC serves.

Do you think it is important to support children, youth and families in nutrition, education and livelihoods? Why?
Honestly it’s always been such an important part of my life. Learning from a young age through my parent’s work the importance of nutritious food was transformative. And then as I grew up and saw the challenges other children faced around the world, I knew I wanted to help in some capacity. That’s why I have dedicated my time to global food security in the hopes of reducing malnutrition and promoting health foods.

What would you say to someone considering making a gift to Canadian Feed The Children?
Everyone has the right to food. We all should have access to healthy meals, and it pains me that this fundamental need is still not met for many children around the world. I believe CFTC is one of the best organizations you can give support to, if you want to help feed children in Canada and around the world.


Thank you so much to Yutaro and Rocka Foods for your generous support of children and families worldwide.

You can help feed children with your own Facebook Fundraiser 

All you have to do is:

  1. From your Facebook homepage, click “Fundraisers” under the tab on the left of the page

  2. Click “Select Nonprofit” under Raise Money for a nonprofit

  3. Search for Canadian Feed The Children and fill out the details!