Why I Give: Ella

Why I Give: Ella

Ella holds her hand made earrings

Meet Ella

Hi! My name is Ella. I live in  Newfoundland and I am in Grade 5. I live with my parents and my little sister, Esther, who is in Grade 1. In my spare time I LOVE to read and play with my friends. I also enjoy doing creative things like playing piano and saxophone, drawing, bible journaling and making things with polymer clay.

On giving back

Giving back is a big part of my life. Every year on my birthday I ask my friends to bring a donation to a different charity that I pick. I’ve also been involved in raising money to help some classmates who lost their homes in a fire. My parents have taught me the importance of volunteering and giving to others. Lots of people in my life show me how important it is to be kind to others.

Making earrings to fundraise

Last year I made something with polymer clay in my art class and I really liked it. My aunt makes polymer clay earrings so I decided to try. My mom suggested that I start selling my creations and I thought it was a good idea but I didn’t want to keep the money. I wanted to give it to someone who needed it more than me! I started selling my earrings in September 2021 and so far I have donated over $3500. Part of my donation for December was to Canadian Feed the Children. I chose Uganda specifically, because my Mom spent 12 years of her childhood there! I am thankful for charities like yours that encourage people to spread care and love to all parts of the world!

Why she chose Canadian Feed The Children

I heard about Canadian Feed the Children when I was looking for charities that I wanted to donate money to from my earrings sales. My mom is actually the one who found the charity! I decided to donate to Canadian Feed the Children because I thought that by donating I could help children feel happy and loved. I think helping other kids and families with nutrition and education is really important. If we don’t help then they won’t have a future and when they grow up they won’t have as good of a future. I like giving and I like being able to make other people happy. I think everyone should give if they can. Not everyone can donate money but if they can Canadian Feed the Children is a good place to give to. Even if you can’t donate money, people can still find a way to make others smile!

Thank you Ella for helping change the future for children!