Why I Give: Blake

Why I Give: Blake

In January 2019, Blake set up a birthday fundraiser through Facebook Fundraisers to raise money for Canadian Feed The Children. He also created a Facebook Fundraiser in December 2019 for Giving Tuesday. We asked Blake a couple questions on why he chose us and what giving back means to him.

Blake, thank you so much for your generous support of Canadian Feed The Children. Could you tell us a little about yourself?
I am a Life and Freedom Coach and founder of N2L Transformations, a company that helps people overcome obstacles to their freedom so they can lead happier and more satisfying lives. My wife and I work together in our pursuit of a more kind and abundant world. We have two awesome children and two amazing grandchildren!

Is giving back generally a big part of your life? Did you have an example of volunteering or supporting good causes growing up?
As a youth, every year at Christmas I volunteered to serve meals at the local homeless shelter. It was an experience that has stuck with me, and I loved the feeling of giving back.

How did you hear about Canadian Feed The Children?
I sought out the organization specifically when my grandchildren expressed their shock and dismay upon hearing that children like themselves often went without regular meals in the day. A Google search, followed by a referral to Facebook donations, got things rolling.

Why did you choose Canadian Feed The Children for your donation?
My grandchildren learned of the problems other children face around the world through a conversation we had during dinner one day. My grandson asked “why don’t we help them and give them food?” My granddaughter agreed that we had enough to share, so we set out to find the best way to help Canadian Feed The Children

Do you think it is important to support children, youth and families in nutrition, education and livelihoods? Why?
I think it is the MOST important work we could be doing in our community because the accomplishments of future generations must not be stifled by a shortage of jobs or inaccessibility to education, and certainly not because of a lack of food!

What would you say to someone considering making a gift to Canadian Feed The Children?
Remember that you are contributing to the future of all humanity when you support Canadian Feed The Children.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I’m very proud to make Canadian Feed The Children the official charity of my company N2L Transformations, and I look forward to partnering with CFTC to create real and vital transformation in our country, one meal at a time!


Thank you so much to Blake and N2L Transformations for supporting Canadian Feed The Children. You are helping so many children in Canada and around the world thrive! You can help children around the world thrive, like Blake, by giving a gift today.