Why I Give: Townes

Why I Give: Townes

“It made me feel happy to know that other children would be happy.”

Why Give Townes: Shown in close up, head resting on armsWay to go Townes! For her 11th birthday party, Townes didn’t want any gifts – she wanted to raise $200 for children facing poverty around the world. 

Townes decided to donate her birthday through Canadian Feed The Children. Her family and friends all chipped in and helped to raise a staggering $917, which they put toward special gifts from the Best.Gift.Ever. 

We asked Townes to tell us more about why she decided to donate her day.

1. What inspired you to donate your birthday money to a charity?

Every year for my birthday my Mum and Dad always come up with a theme. But this year they suggested that maybe we do something totally different and give back in some way to someone else. My Mum and Dad always ask for a donation instead of gifts so I picked Canadian Feed The Children to donate my birthday to.

2. Why did you choose Canadian Feed The Children as the organization to donate to?

I like that they give so many different things to children here at home and around the world.

3. Why did you choose the Best.Gift.Ever gifts that you selected?

Because these are the things I would want if I didn’t have them. (See some of them below.)

4. How did making a donation make you feel?

It made me feel happy to know that other children would be happy.

5. If another child your age was considering donating their birthday money too, what advice would you give them?

I would just say to do it. Because it was the best gift I could ever get. Because I didn’t know I could raise that much money.

Thank you Townes for helping children like you thrive in Canada and around the world!


Find out how you can Donate Your Day to support children facing poverty, just like Townes.

Fresh produce boxes with handy recipe guides and nutrition tips are welcome in Indigenous communities where fruits and vegetables are often unavailable or unaffordable.
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A water tap provides convenient access to safe, clean water and improves health and hygiene for all. Plus, it reduces the burden and risk for women and girls while collecting water.
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Good nutrition is crucial for children as they are developing. Your gift provides one year of nutritious food for a child at school in an international location.
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