Why I Give: Peter

Why I Give: Peter

“It brings me joy to know I’m making a small difference.”

Why give peter

Peter asked us to share a picture of the children he supports rather than one of him

I always wondered what I would be when I grew up.  I grew up in the city, went to church and youth group with my friends and had everything I needed close by.  My dad was a teacher so education was always important to my parents and I was lucky to have their help as I went through my school years.

Initially I wanted to get into food services so I tried my hand at that in college.  But I struggled to keep up with the demanding pace of the industry.  See, I have a serious genetic condition, which has affected my muscles and it’s not too easy to get around.

Turns out when I grew up, having a job wouldn’t be very easy for me.  But I still think I’m pretty lucky.  I had pretty great parents who helped me and grew up in Canada so was able to access the supports I need.  But not everyone is this lucky.

I remember 25 years ago, a gentleman came to my door asking if I would consider donating to feed children in poor countries around the world through Canadian Feed The Children.

I immediately agreed.  I think as Canadians, we are obligated to help others in poor countries.  As difficult as it was for me, there were so many other people in the world who had it worse.

I may not be able to work full time because of my disability but I still give what I can.  It brings me joy to know I’m making a small difference

I turned 40 last year and have been thinking about how I can keep making a difference, even when I’m gone. I don’t have a lot of money but it turns out, one day, when I’m gone, I can make an impact on even more poor children in the world with a bequest in my will.

– Peter Wise, CFTC Legacy Leader

Learn more about how you can make a difference for children and families as a Legacy Leader through Canadian Feed The Children.

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