Why I Give: Alan

Why I Give: Alan

“Charitable gifts can make up for the shortfalls of what the government can do.”

Why I Give:

“Philanthropy has always been important to me. “

When I was growing up in England, my parents couldn’t afford my education. I ended up getting a scholarship paid for by the local government. Thanks to their support, I was able to pursue my interests and I became a general surgeon.

That’s why I support organizations like Canadian Feed The Children – because I believe in giving back.

Coming from England, the support the government provides to the disadvantaged is much more prevalent. Here in Canada, philanthropists have a bigger gap to fill.

Charitable gifts can make up for the shortfalls of what the government can do.

I moved to Canada in 1975 and spent many years living in northern British Columbia and in Dawson Creek along the Alaska Highway. I worked as a surgeon for 23 years, and then was offered an adjunct professorship at Simon Fraser University. Now I’m enjoying retirement – but I’m still involved, doing peer reviews and supporting in that way.

Philanthropy has always been important to me. In 2004 I helped found Shelter Box in Canada. With this background it was easy for me, when deciding to support a children’s charity, to determine that Canadian Feed The Children was an excellent charity and worthy of my support.

I was particularly impressed that 80% of funding went to charitable activities, with the calibre of the Board, and the financial support from reputable organizations.

I noted that Canadian Feed The Children spends only 5% on administration. For me, administration expenses reflect the efficiency of a charity. Fund raising expenses, in themselves, are not important; what matters is the amount of revenue they generate. Canadian Feed The Children does great in this regard.

I think there can be distrust of charities in Canada, and some of that is justified. That’s why it’s important for charities like Canadian Feed The Children to educate the public on how a well-run charity should be – and to demonstrate that they are one.

You can be assured that I shall continue my monthly support of Canadian Feed The Children, both with my donations and by recommending to others that it is one of the best Canadian charities to which to donate.

– Alan J Lomax, CFTC Everyday Hero

Learn more about how you can be an Everyday Hero and support children facing poverty in Canada, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda. 

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