Canadian NGOs in Bolivia

Canadian NGOs in Bolivia

Toronto, October 26, 2015 – Canadian Feed The Children’s (CFTC) innovative work in Bolivia was highlighted in Society that Inspires Magazine in a feature reviewing the impact of Canadian organizations within the country.

SCSJ Las Lomas Produciendo en nuestro huerto - foto Shirley EstévezThe feature – The Canadian Footprint in Bolivia – was a project completed in partnership with the Chief of Cooperation of the Canadian Embassy, Mrs. Alberto Palacios and the Platform of Canadian Civil Society Organizations in Bolivia (COCAB). COCAB is a non-profit inter-institutional network that joins together 18 organizations linked to Canada and Bolivia and is supported by the Government of Canada, Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development.

CFTC’s Shirley Estevez, Country Representative in Bolivia, was the President of the COCAB Board for the past 2014-2015 year. The magazine is widely distributed to governmental agencies and international cooperation agencies, and was presented in the Semiannual Assembly of the coalition in May 2015.

The Canadian Footprint in Bolivia reviewed the diverse impact Canadian organizations, including CFTC, have been having in Bolivian communities.  CFTC has been striving to reduce the impact of poverty on the lives of children in Bolivia since 2004, in association with local partners and communities.

CFTC’s work in education, food security and capacity building in Bolivia was highlighted in the magazine – including the implementation of 9 Early Childhood Care and Education Centers for children under four and support for primary education in four support centers. CFTC aims at addressing food insecurity through food programs, nutrition education and urban gardens.

Matrix of Projects & Areas of Intervention - CDN orgs Bolivia

Click to expand. A matrix of areas of intervention by Canadian organizations in Bolivia.

COCAB and The Canadian Footprint in Bolivia underlines the scope of cooperation between Canadian organizations in Bolivia like CFTC, and the importance of opportunities to share best practices.

“Bolivia has generously opened its doors to the Canadian civil society 45 years ago already, and a great sense of solidarity has been growing between our peoples,” Mrs. Alberto Palacios, Chief of Cooperation of the Canadian Embassy explained. “This relationship of mutual respect enriched Canadians and Bolivians alike, with its participants becoming dynamic instruments of social change within their own realities.”