Teach with love

Teach with love

Early Childhood Educator Andrea has become a mother figure to many children

Teach with love: Andrea with children at the la barranca centre

Andrea does a craft activity with her young students

Every parent knows how special it is to find someone that cares for your child as much as you do.

For the moms and dads of very young children in this Bolivian town, they’ve found that special person in Andrea, their Early Childhood Educator.

24-year-old Andrea has worked at the Early Childhood Development Centre in La Barranca, Bolivia for five rewarding years. In that time, she’s become a warm and loving mother figure to many of the community’s children.

Shaping the future for children aged one to five is a big responsibility, and Andrea takes it very seriously. She believes that in addition to patience and creativity, the number one way to be a great ECE is to “teach with love.”

Why early childhood education is so important

In her community, many parents work long hours in nearby towns, and without the Early Childhood Development Centre, there would be no where for their children to go. The first five years of life are a crucial growth period, where access to good nutrition, education and a safe, enriching environment can make all the difference in creating a healthy future for a child.

It’s with this in mind that Andrea commits herself to her work. She gets her young students ready for school by laying the foundations for reading and math. Equally important is the time she spends with parents to help them better support their children to succeed.

Teach with love: In the playground

Andrea believes the best way to help children succeed is to teach with love.

Your support matters

Andrea is grateful for the support she receives from caring Canadians who help supply the centre with healthy, nutritious meals for the children. Without healthy nutrition, she says, the children would get sick often, and would not be able to concentrate in school. “That’s why I encourage people to continue assisting the centre, the kids, and their families,” she urges.

Motherly pride

As an educator, Andrea takes joy in the success of her young students.

“We already have kids in the second grade of primary school, and they are having a really good performance,” she says, beaming with motherly pride. “I hope they continue like this and have a better life.”

It’s a dream that Andrea shares with mothers around the world – a bright future for their children, no matter what.

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