“Norm Mask” Fundraiser

“Norm Mask” Fundraiser

Toronto, October 15, 2015 – Norm Kelly, a popular City of Toronto councillor, announced today he is selling “Norm Masks” for Halloween, made by Essentialist Media, with 50 per cent of proceeds being donated to Canadian Feed The Children (CFTC).

Kelly shared the news over his renowned Twitter account – an account recently recognized for its growing popularity:

The team behind Essentialist Media, sisters Aifel and Kheila Cruz, designed the mask and partnered with Kelly to help drive sales and donations for CFTC.

With limited masks available, and a great “Norm” fan base that exists not only in Toronto but beyond Canada’s borders, the message had been retweeted 138 times and favourited more than 270 times within about 20 minutes.

News of the partnership was published by CTV Toronto and Yahoo Canada News – asking readers, “Still in search of a Halloween costume? Consider going as Norm Kelly.”

Thank you Councillor Kelly and Essentialist Media for your support!

Canadian Feed The Children’s mission is to reduce the impact of poverty on children and enhance the well-being and the self-sufficiency of their families and communities. We build community capacity to create opportunities for long-term, sustainable food security and access to quality education. We act as catalysts of community-based change through the development and empowerment of our partners and beneficiaries.

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