Luz and Maria’s mother-daughter bond

Luz and Maria’s mother-daughter bond

Luz loves to be with her mom. Whether it’s cooking together in the kitchen, or helping her mother Maria sell fruits at the local market, Luz cherishes their time together.

Since the pandemic hit Bolivia and schools have closed, this nine year old has embraced being at home and helping Maria with her day to day activities.

Like many parents around the world, Maria’s livelihood came to a standstill when COVID-19 hit. As the lockdowns took effect, Maria stopped working as a house cleaner - losing her source of income. But thanks to CFTC donors, Maria’s family received extra support like nutritious food hampers. This additional food helped save Maria money, so she purchased fruit to sell in the local market to supplement her income.

Luz joins Maria at the stall, getting to spend much-needed quality time with her mom.

Now that Luz is at home because of the lockdown, she’s able to help more around the house.

“I help mom clean the house. I wash dishes, cook with her and sweep everything.”

Luz and Maria get to spend time together in their home garden where they grow an assortment of fresh produce. Growing your own food is a cost-effective way to eat fresh food, right at home.

Both Luz and Maria are looking forward to the future when pandemic restrictions ease. Luz cannot wait to play with her friends and see her teachers back at school. Maria is eager to get out of the house and take her children to play at the park.

But for now, Luz and Maria are loving spending quality time with one another and strengthening their connection as mother and daughter.

Donor support means they have everything they need to eat well and share special moments together this Mother's Day. Thank you for supporting families worldwide like Luz and Maria.



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