Let’s get growing!

Let’s get growing!

Rosa’s family in Bolivia is thriving thanks to support from Canadian Feed The Children donors like you.

As a mother of five boys, Rosa was one of many parents around the world who worried last year about feeding her children during the pandemic. Rosa is a member of a local Women’s Vegetable Producers Organization (WVPO), supported by CFTC donors. She received training, tools and gardening supplies to enhance her family garden last year through her WVPO. She has gone from only growing lettuce and chard to producing more than ten varieties of fruit and vegetables.

Rosa tends to one of the many plants she grows in her garden. “I produce lettuce, chard, celery, spinach, broccoli, chili, paprika, cabbage, strawberry and passion fruit.”

The garden is located in a solar tent, and irrigated with water from community tanks, both of which were funded by CFTC donations.

Two of Rosa’s boys water new plants in the solar tent. Rosa says: “The production is fast in the solar tent and we also have water for irrigation. I want to enhance my solar tent to have a variety of vegetables and to improve production to [earn] more income.”

She uses the money she saves from growing her own produce to purchase meat and eggs that contribute to well-balanced meals. As for her boys, they love to eat their fruits and veggies!

"My favourites are carrots, onions, lettuce, spinach and strawberry. Because the food is more delicious we grow stronger. My mom cooks delicious!” seven-year-old Victor told us.

This family is able to produce enough food for themselves and to even sell some within the community, but there are so many more families who don’t have a garden and still need this support. Please consider a gift today, and let’s get more families growing healthy food now and for the future. Thank you for coming together for children!