Your support is changing the future for children

Your support is changing the future for children

Donors like you have been providing essentials to children and families in Canada and around the world – which is especially crucial in times like these. Many children and families worldwide have been experiencing job loss, food struggles, disrupted education and a range of other setbacks.

But, thanks to CFTC donors, children are receiving much-need support to help them thrive.

Thanks to donor support:

Families are receiving urgent food assistance.

Donors helped to give families 361,000 meals worldwide through urgent food hampers.

1,784 Indigenous households received wild-harvested food.

Growing gardens help improve at-home food security

Over 49,000 kg of seeds were distributed to families around the globe to start their own gardens and farms, and 2,375 families were supported by gardens. In Bolivia, women vegetable producers marketed produce via WhatsApp, earning income when public markets closed.

4,286 lbs of fresh and nutritious produce was grown in Indigenous community gardens,

Children received educational support

There were 5,097 students provided with school supplies, 30 classrooms furnished with new equipment, and 393 students received brand new school uniforms.

From school meals programs, 397,000 meals were served in schools, daycares and after-school programs.

When schools were closed, Bolivia pivoted to at-home learning to ensure there were no gaps in children’s learning.


To all our donors and supporters – you are bringing much-needed relief to children and families who need it most in Canada and around the world. We can’t thank you enough!