Imagining stronger charities

Imagining stronger charities

Toronto, November 15, 2016 – Transparency and sound management are the top considerations when deciding whether to support a charity for 86 percent of Canadians, according to a survey conducted by Ignite Lab on behalf of Imagine Canada and the Canadian Centre for Accreditation. The good news for charities like Canadian Feed The Children is that third-party accreditation, such as the Imagine Canada Standards Program which CFTC was honoured to be among the first organizations to achieve in 2013, is a mark of trustworthiness and accountability that 72 percent of Canadians value.

As we approach the 2016 giving season, the message about the importance of openness, transparency, trust and accountability is more important than ever. While there are more than 86,000 charities operating in Canada, as of now just 200 have achieved Imagine Canada Standards Program accreditation. For larger charities, and especially those operating in international development, the question of trust and transparency is a critical one. The vast majority of Canadians believe charities have a positive impact and are important to Canadians. However, expectations for greater accountability and transparency are clearly on the rise. Just 48% think charities operate in an open and transparent manner

As one of the first charities to have been accredited by Imagine Canada’s Standards Program, CFTC works very hard to be open, accountable and worthy of your trust. Imagine Canada’s Standards Program has helped Canadian Feed The Children become more focused on core processes that increase our efficiency and effectiveness – from donor communications to Board governance and all points in between.

Our donors have told us that because of our Imagine Canada accreditation, they have even greater trust in us, and our staff and board are even more proud of being part of our organization.

And increasingly, we are sharing the best practices we have built with our local partners and the communities where we work – building their strength and capacity for even greater impact. We have been able to share the quality and excellence from the Standards Program to partnerships with our NGO partners in the communities in which we work in Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda and Bolivia, and have been able to guide them in their journey towards greater transparency and accountability. As an international NGO, it is important for us to show our donors the impact we can have, through our participation in the Standards Program, on influencing good governance practices in our countries of operation.

This coming “giving season”, Canadians will donate $5 billion to charities: about 40% of all charitable donations made in 2016. Donors increasingly want to know that their dollars are being well-stewarded and having the impact they intend. Feel confident in your gift to Canadian Feed The Children, and to any of the 202 organizations who have met Imagine Canada’s Standards Program’s exacting requirements. Look for the Imagine Canada trustmark when you give!