A hopeful future for Mackline

A hopeful future for Mackline
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“Mackline can now write well because of the portable chalkboards. Because of the mid morning meal, she does not miss class.”Mackline's Teacher in Uganda

Mackline is a bright, bubbly six year old who lives with her parents and sisters in a small Ugandan town. It’s a happy home, where the family raises goats, pigs, chickens and ducks, and grows crops like maize and potatoes too.

But school is where Mackline discovers a whole new world.

Every day she looks forward to playing with her friends and learning new things from her teacher. She also loves the porridge she eats during the school day – it’s tasty and sweet.

School is a happy place for Mackline.


But her local school wasn’t always able to provide the enriching environment she and her friends enjoy today. They lacked basic educational resources like stationery, and attendance from local students was low. Many students stayed away due to hunger.

A hopeful future: Mackline (second from right) stands against a wall at school with three of her friends.

6-year-old Mackline loves learning and playing with her friends at school.

Thanks to the generosity of CFTC supporters, they received school supplies like pencils, crayons, exercise books and slates (small chalkboards). Teachers are now being supported with a partial monthly stipend, and a school feeding program provides daily meals for the children.

As a sponsored child, Mackline’s whole family is also supported. Before sponsorship, her parents struggled to provide the basics for their three girls. Now, their farm is doing well, thanks to their participation in a farmer field school. The increased income means they can comfortably support their children.

Both her parents value education for their children. They joined the school’s Parent Teacher Association, where they help in key decision making at the school, and help with day to day activities when they can.


Her teacher says this has made all the difference for Mackline.

“Mackline can now write well because of the portable chalkboards. Because of the mid morning meal, she does not miss class. She is always active and answers questions freely during class hours.”

A hopeful future: Mackline draws on a chalkboard

Mackline loves drawing objects on slate. Her school received school supplies like slates and chalk thanks to CFTC donors.

Mackline’s eyes shine when she describes all the things she loves about school. For Mackline, school is important because when children come to school, they learn many things that are not taught at home. Her favourite activities are learning numbers, singing, reading the alphabet and writing. She also has a particular love for drawing and for her teacher.

“I like my teacher because she teaches us how to draw good things like mangoes, cups and pineapples,” she told us.

Thanks to the support of caring Canadians like you, Mackline can practice drawing pineapples everyday – and look forward to a hopeful future.

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