Giving Tuesday Update: An astounding achievement for children!

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Giving Tuesday Update: An astounding achievement for children!

Canadian Feed The Children's family of supporters have always been dedicated, but on Giving Tuesday, you achieved an astounding result for children. At a time when we’re all dealing with the effects of inflation, we are incredibly touched by the generosity of every single one of you who came together for children.

Together, we raised $212,288

Thank you for your generosity!

A record breaking result that will change children's lives!

This record breaking achievement will go so far to help children and families access the urgent food support they need right now, and build sustainable food systems to feed families for generations to come. In the face of a global food crisis, we know that there is a lot more work to do. Still, your generosity shows us that together, we can build a hunger-free future for children.

Here's how your gifts will make a difference

School Meals

A meal served at school keeps children in school, particularly girls, and helps them to focus on
learning. School meals also reduce the burden on families and helps support local produce providers. Read

School & Community Gardens

Community and school gardens provide essential nutrition and improves food security within communities,
which is needed now more than ever. Read more

Food Forests

Food forests are self-sustaining spaces modeled on natural woodland ecosystems. Trees, shrubs,
perennials and annuals provide food, medicines and greenspace for indigenous communities in Canada. Read

Women's Economic Empowerment

Women make up the majority of the agricultural workforce but often earn less than 10% of farming sector
income. These programs support women's and girls' empowerment as producers, income-generators and
decision-makers. Read more

Meet Josue. Your gifts help children like him thrive around the world.

Josue is a highly motivated 11-year-old living in Bolivia. Their community, on the outskirts of a major city, struggles to access nutritious food, especially since food prices have risen so much over the past year.  

When you give, you’re giving children like Josue access to fresh food and so much more. Thanks to donor support, Josue’s family has a garden full of fresh vegetables. He has also taken classes on healthy eating, and he likes to teach his family the new recipes he learns. His family eats well and his mother sells some of the food she grows to buy other things they need. 

Watch the video above for a special thank you from Josue. 

Thank you for feeding and nourishing children with your gifts on Giving Tuesday and beyond!