Thank you for coming together for children this Giving Tuesday

Thank you for coming together for children this Giving Tuesday

On Giving Tuesday 2020, our donors opened their hearts and gave generously to feed children and families worldwide.

Collectively, our donors raised an astounding $175,000!
This is more than 3x our original goal - Thank You!

We wanted to share this special video as a thank you to all our supporters. Whether you donated or simply shared our appeal on social media, thank you all for coming together for children.

This unbelievable generosity will change children's lives

It will help provide urgent food support to families struggling to access food due to the pandemic.

It will ensure that children and families in Canada and around the world can boost their income with new livestock, farming and other entrepreneurial opportunities.

It means that thousands of children who are still out of school can continue to receive remote learning support.

It will help Indigenous children in Canada access locally sourced traditional foods to combat food insecurity made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your donations will help children access the food they need today, while building long-term resiliency and food security for them, their families and their communities.  

Giving Tuesday donations will make  a world of difference for children like Annet

CFTC donors helped provide a family food box to 12-year-old Annet and her family in Uganda during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown. Money has become tight and food is now much more difficult to access for Annet's family. Their diet suffered as a result, putting Annet's health at risk. But a family food box full of maize flour and beans, helped make a world of difference by filling the gap and providing balanced nutrition.

A young girl sits on her couch doing her school work, smiling for the camera

Annet and her family have also benefitted from a livestock business that her grandmother Sarah started thanks to CFTC donors. During the lockdown, Sarah is relying on the savings she built up through this business to get through the current lean times, even though other sources of income have dried up. Annet is also receiving remote school support as schools continue to be closed in Uganda for students in her grade.

Many more children like Annet will receive this holistic support thanks to our donor's generosity on Giving Tuesday.

Dear donors - you blew us away this Giving Tuesday.
Thank you for coming together for children!