Helping girls go back to school this year

Helping girls go back to school this year
By Wedadu Sayibu, Program Manager, RAINS
Canadian Feed The Children’s local partner in northern Ghana

I remember the excitement of going back to school when I was growing up.

Just like most children you know, I couldn’t wait to join my friends in my classroom, meet my new teacher, and bring my school supplies ready to learn for the year.

But when I turned seven my father died and all of that came crashing down.

Every year when back to school came around, I never knew if there’d be enough money to send me.

But as destiny will have it, someone like you changed my life.

My name is Wedadu and I am the Program Manager for Canadian Feed The Children’s local partner RAINS in northern Ghana.

When I was young, I struggled to have enough money to attend school. Now I have two masters’ degrees in development studies and I work hard to help girls and women who remind me so much of me.

One of the girls I’ve met is Bintu, and she worries about going back to school too.

Dreaming of the future

Bintu is a bright eight-year-old girl who dreams of becoming a nurse one day, so she can help treat sick people. But she also faces many of the same barriers I did. Her family struggles to afford to keep her in school. Her community does not value girls’ education the same as boys’. And, like many girls, chores like collecting water keeps her from her studies.

Bintu stands proudly next to her school in her uniform. You can help girls like Bintu return to school by giving generously.

But together – with donors like you and Canadian Feed The Children – we are helping girls like Bintu beat the odds.

Because of our partnership with Canadian Feed The Children, and with the support of donors like you, Bintu gets to learn in a well-resourced primary school, which now has a new safe block of classrooms. Her teachers also receive training and are taught how to mentor girls through school.

Keep girls in school

Your support makes sure that girls like Bintu will experience the excitement of going back to school this year. She will look forward to seeing her friends in her classroom, meeting her new teacher, and having a uniform and school supplies for the year.

You can make sure girls like Bintu get to go back to school this year. You can be that special person she hopes for. Please give generously today.


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