Four weeks left to make a difference for children

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Four weeks left to make a difference for children

"Everyone must have access to healthy diets, but updated estimates suggest they are unaffordable for almost 3.1 billion people around the world."
State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) 2022, FAO

How is inflation affecting families?

Inflation has risen more than ever this year, and food prices have shot up as a result. It’s a global problem that’s affecting families all over the world, including in all the communities we work with. 

This is a big challenge: 
  1. In Canada, food prices are up by over 10% - and some staples like pasta cost up to 40% more than this time last year. This especially affects families in remote Indigenous communities, who already pay 2.5 times more for groceries.

  2. It’s even worse globally. This year, global food prices rose by up to 80%.

  3. In Ethiopia, it’s estimated that 13 million people are severely food insecure because of conflict and drought. That’s one third of the population of Canada.

  4. Food prices are rising faster than inflation.  

This high inflation means it costs more to provide the same number of meals as before, and it’s now extremely difficult for families to afford food. It's not just affecting how much can be bought at stores, but it’s also affecting how far donations can stretch, especially when it comes to delivering food.  

That’s why, with four more weeks to go before this year ends, we are doing everything we can to ensure that children around the world can access their right to regular, nutritious food. And we hope you'll join us.

Together, we can rise to meet this challenge

Already, we have seen how donor support this year has made it possible for families to feed their children regular, nutritious meals.

Affini, a maize farmer and mother who lives in Ghana, has said that donor support means “no more skipping meals,” for her family of eight. Nusurah in Uganda, whose daughter Zaina receives daily school meals, told us that those meals have saved the family so much money on food costs that “we have never looked back.”   

Affini with three of her children in Ghana.

“We have enough food to eat throughout the year. No more skipping meals."
Affini, Maize Farmer, Ghana

Zaina (in the sweater) eating lunch with friends at school.

"I have been a student before and I know pretty well how it feels for a child to study on an empty stomach... School meals are a relief to us."
Nusurah, Food Vendor, Uganda

Your partnership makes a difference

We at Canadian Feed The Children are so thankful for our supporters, community partners, and families. In the next four weeks, we'll continue to work together make the world a better place for children, one meal at a time. Thank you for everything you do to help feed and nourish children.