In Response to Canada’s Federal Budget 2024

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In Response to Canada’s Federal Budget 2024

As the dust settles on the release of Canada's Federal Budget 2024, we are reflecting on the implications for children, families, and communities around the world, particularly in the realm of long-term sustainable development. The budget, which was released on April 16, marks a significant moment for advocacy groups like the ones we have been a part of who have been championing increasing funding towards programs that elevate equity and justice.

a woman sits with her chilren on a bench, smiling For months leading up to the budget release, Canadian Feed The Children (CFTC), as part of a coalition of over 100 members of the international development sector in Canada, has been advocating for increased investments to support women and girls in humanitarian emergencies, as well as bolstering human rights, civil society, and democracy initiatives. Our efforts culminated in participating in Cooperation Canada’s Hill Day for International Development Week, engaging directly with parliamentary decision-makers, and signing an Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, urging Canada to uphold its feminist legacy and take meaningful action.

Budget 2024 included a notable allocation of $350 million in new and additional humanitarian assistance funding over two years. This injection of funds is a welcome step towards addressing immediate life-saving needs in regions grappling with multiple converging crises. We are proud that our collective advocacy made a difference and that Canada is continuing its role and responsibility on the global stage to stand for children and families.

a group of adults stand in their gardens, smiling While we commend the government’s commitment to humanitarian aid, we must acknowledge that the budget missed an opportunity to increase longer-term development assistance, both internationally and in Canada. At CFTC, we know first-hand that investments in programs and partnerships aimed at fostering a healthier, more equitable, and more sustainable future are equally essential in addressing the root causes of poverty, inequality, and instability.

Canadian Feed The Children is pleased that the Government of Canada continues its commitment to global leadership in the humanitarian assistance sector. Peace and global security, however, depend on long-term solutions, and we look forward to increased funding for programs that address the root causes of poverty and food insecurity in the future. In addition to the announcement of a national school food program, CFTC is also pleased to see investment in Indigenous youth in Canada as a small, limited step towards addressing Truth and Reconciliation Commission Call to Action #66.” - Jacquelyn Wright, President & CEO at Canadian Feed The Children.

As Canada prepares to host the Group of Seven (G7) countries next year, there is an opportunity for the government to further demonstrate leadership on the global stage. It will be a platform to further advocate for increased development and humanitarian assistance and work collaboratively with other countries to reverse the global decline in official development assistance.

Canadian Feed The Children commends Canada’s increased commitment to humanitarian assistance but would encourage the Canadian Government to also invest in building the self-reliance of communities that face recurrent protracted crises. There is a need to join up humanitarian, development, and peace programming.” - Marlen Mondaca, Vice President of Programs and Partnerships at Canadian Feed The Children

a family smiles holding with their goatsLooking ahead, CFTC remains committed to its strategic priorities in sustainable development, rooted in community-led approaches that create tangible, long-term impacts for children, families, and communities. Our vision involves anti-oppressive, decolonized, and non-paternalistic models that empower local communities to drive their own development agendas.

As advocates for global equity and justice, CFTC will continue to amplify the voices of the communities we partner with and push for policies that pave the way towards a world in which all children, families, and communities can thrive.


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