Happy Father’s Day!

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Happy Father’s Day!

This Father’s Day, we want to recognize father figures around the world for never giving up on their families. It has not been easy for families to provide for their children’s health, education, and well-being over the past few years with challenges like the pandemic, climate change, conflict, and economic instability.

Even so, we at Canadian Feed The Children (CFTC) have seen powerful examples of fathers exploring new opportunities to help their children thrive in the most difficult of times.

Continue reading to learn how support from CFTC donors has helped fathers like Francisco and Otoma provide for their families and nurture their children. 

Francisco, Bolivia

For Francisco, his family is a source of pride and joy. He loves going out to the countryside with his children and doing minor repairs to make his home more comfortable for his family. Francisco tells us he has learned that raising a family takes sincere collaboration. 

For him and his wife Rosa, educating their boys is a top priority. It has been difficult though due to the food insecurity they have faced in the past. They have typically relied on purchasing food from the city, which isn’t always the most nutritious or affordable.

Francisco and his 3 sons smile while working in their family garden

Francisco and his sons work in their new family garden

Thanks to donor support, Francisco received a family garden. With the garden plot, Rosa has started a produce business that Francisco and his children are helping to expand.  

His sons share how they help their parents with preparing the soil, irrigating, and harvesting fruits and vegetables, which they use to make delicious salads. Victor tells us he especially loves the plentiful garden because "the food is more delicious and we're growing stronger."

The boys even help with selling surplus vegetables. Now, the family has nutritious fresh food and an additional source of income! 

Francisco also took the chance to attend some training workshops on gender equality and child development, where he was able to share experiences with other parents. He says this has helped him to better partner with his wife in business and raising their family. But what makes him happiest about the training is that he feels it has brought him closer to his boys.


"I have a better relationship at home, I can talk to them and support them too." 

Otoma, Uganda

Otoma and his family pose for a photo

Otoma and his family in front of their new home

Otoma is a dedicated and resilient father. Unfortunately, he often saw discouraging results from his hard work. He recalls a time when his family “lived in a grass-thatched hut with grim hope for change.” He struggled to save enough money to provide for his family’s basic needs for food and shelter, let alone pay for school supplies and invest in his children’s future.  

Thanks to donor support, Otoma had the opportunity to join a Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA), where he learned how to better manage his income. He was also able to attend training sessions at the farmer field school on agricultural practices to improve his maize farming. With his new learning, he has significantly improved his family’s quality of life and has renewed hope that his children will have the means to succeed in their education.


I have managed to construct a permanent house, support my children in school, and improve my household income.” 

He didn’t stop there though. Inspired by this positive change, Otoma vied for and was elected to be Group Secretary of his VLSA. Recognizing his contributions to the group, he was then selected to be a Community Extension Volunteer (CEV). As a CEV, Otoma is paying it forward by ensuring new groups are trained on VSLA methodology. He currently supervises 12 groups! He shares how he is proud of his role in supporting other parents like himself in the community. 

Otoma: “Whenever I go to the groups, I feel like I am doing a good thing because I want others to experience the same changes that I have had in my life.”


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Thank you for helping fathers and their children thrive. 

Happy Father’s Day to Francisco, Otoma, and fathers around the world!


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