Just look at how you’re helping children thrive!

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Just look at how you’re helping children thrive!

Thank you for helping children thrive!

Thanks to you, over 2 million meals were served through school and community meal programs last year – this is 3x more than the year before! There are incredible stories of hope behind this big number, and that’s why we're so pleased to share the newest thrive! newsletter with you.

Children like Zaina in Uganda, Malaika in Lubicon Lake Band, Alberta and Mariam in Ghana are eating well, thriving at school, active in sports and connecting with their heritage. That’s the power of your support! I hope you enjoy learning more about your impact.

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Watch Zaina's video thank you!

We hope you enjoyed reading about Zaina, a sponsored child in Uganda who receives regular school meals thanks to your support. She told us how that makes her feel in this video below.

Your support helps Indigenous youth connect with their food traditions

    In your thrive! newsletter, you met Malaika in Lubicon Lake who is learning to cook traditional foods. Watch this video to learn more about how your support helps Indigenous children and youth learn on the land.

    BONUS VIDEO: Anna Maria's Family Garden

    Thanks to donor support, Anna Maria in Uganda grows fresh produce at home with her mother, and looks forward to healthy meals every day.

    Listen to our brand-new podcast First Comes Food!

    Zoe holds some leafy greens in a garden. The text says First Comes Food Premiere Episode What's a food forest?First Comes Food is a brand-new podcast by Canadian Feed The Children that explores the surprising ways communities are feeding children and families in the face of a global food crisis.

    Join us on our journey through Indigenous food forests in Saskatchewan, arming communities in African countries and early childhood community programs in Bolivia and meet the people who are growing food security for everyone.

    In our premiere episode, What's a Food Forest?,you’ll hear about a remarkable partnership that is helping Indigenous families grow their own food. Food Forests are a unique way communities grow their own nutritious food locally, and feed families for generations. We’ll take you to one such food forest in central Saskatchewan and meet the people behind it.

    Your partnership has been key to community efforts to feed families during the global food crisis. Listen to learn more about your impact!

    Listen to our new podcast First Comes Food!

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    Your ongoing support helps children thrive. Thank you for feeding and nourishing children with your gifts!