Eid-ul-Fitr Unites Sang Community Members

Eid-ul-Fitr Unites Sang Community Members
Sang community elders heading for Eid prayer grounds

Sang community elders heading for Eid prayer grounds, Aug 20, 2012.

The annual Eid-ul-Fitr festival, held after completing the fasting month of Ramadan, was celebrated in the Sang Muslim community on August 20.  In addition to being a time of celebration, peace, charity and breaking of the fast, it is also a demonstration of the core principles of community-led development.

Exquisitely-dressed families came together for a day of jubilation and dancing at Sang Park and to share meals and fellowship with community members.  During Eid, families – including children – actively make a point of wishing their Muslim and non-Muslim neighbours well and sharing meals with them, especially those who are elderly or sick.

Madam Ayi Mustapha, a mother of seven, summed up the spirit of the day: “Because of the grace of Allah, my husband and I were able to buy new dresses for our seven children and give Zakat (charity – one of the five pillars of Islam) to the less fortunate members of our community.”

Sang villagers have a long history of working together to share available resources and jointly decide how these can be distributed to the less fortunate so that everyone can benefit.

Working with CFTC and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, for example, the community has been focused on helping women farmers access land, tools and certified seed, plus get the training they need to expand planting, cultivation and harvesting.

This work has seen good progress in increasing crop yields which, in turn, increases food security for everyone.

“There is so much joy, peace and unity in my community following the Eid celebration. I am so thankful!” added Mustapha, her words echoing as the sun set, and tired yet content women and men carried their exhausted children home.

Stay tuned as we share in an upcoming post how Sang community members are actively involved in outlining development priorities in their village.

As the “fall fair” season is upon us, let us know what festivals and celebrations you enjoy most in your own community!  How do they compare to Eid in Sang?