“Education prepares us as future leaders”

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“Education prepares us as future leaders”

Education is the foundation that the future of our children is built upon. It provides children with knowledge and skills that equip them to pursue better employment opportunities in the future, allowing them to improve their lives and better support their families. 

Abdul Fuseini is a dedicated teacher in Ghana who knows the importance of educating children. His passion for teaching stems from his belief that teachers play a pivotal role in shaping character and guiding children toward a brighter future. 

I still remember how influential teachers have been in my life - the daily guidance, discipline, and encouragement I received made me who I am today,” Abdul says.

Barriers to accessible education

a Ghanaian man stands in a classroom in front of students

Abdul passionately teaches his students about the value of a good education,

Around the world, many communities like Abdul’s face challenges in providing children with accessible education. High rates of poverty affecting families contribute to many of Abdul’s students’ ability to attend school.

When asked, Abdul tells us that the families in his community struggle to provide basic school supplies like exercise books, school uniforms, sandals and school bags to the children. That’s not even considering the rising costs of school fees and food.

Many parents have to make the difficult decision between school fees and nutritious meals, so some students come to Abdul’s school on empty stomachs, which leads to stunted growth and poor concentration in the classroom.

His school faced a lot of challenges, which until last year included having no textbooks. When he could, Abdul would borrow textbooks from colleagues at private schools and photocopy selected pages using his own money. Parents were asked to contribute, but most were unable to.

Bright futures, future leaders

Three Ghanaian children in green shirts sit at a desk in a classroom, smiling for the camera

Asana (right) and her classmates love to learn and dream of a brighter future, thanks to donor support.

Last year, because of the generous support of Canadian Feed The Children donors, Abdul’s school finally started to receive new textbooks in the core subjects of math, English, and science!

In spite of these challenges, children still have aspirations and dreams, and education is so important to help fulfill them. Asana, 10, wants to be a doctor when she grows up and the new textbooks are helping her achieve her dreams. She’s very thankful for the books her school received.

She says, “My performance is gradually improving, and I am excited about it. Now I can borrow textbooks during vacation and after school hours to learn with the help of my older brother. My family also no longer worries about contributing levies to photocopy books or teaching and learning materials to facilitate smooth learning.

Asana thrives in Abdul’s classroom, practicing her English and reading with ease. She feels the change in the school since they’ve received the new materials.

“Mr. Fuseini is a very good teacher,” Asana tells us. “He’s been good to us. He stays after class to help us, helps us with our homework, and is always concerned about our progress. Mr. Fuseini is so kind and caring. He respects us.”

Education is very important because it gives us a bright future and prepares us as future leaders.
Asana, 10, Ghana

Education is the key

Having a dedicated educator like Abdul changes the lives of children like Asana. As we know, a solid educational foundation sets up children for success for generations to come, and a teacher who can instill the importance of education is invaluable.

Asana and her peers are fortunate to have the care and love that Abdul brings to his classroom. Having a teacher who so compassionately dedicates his life to the pursuit of education isn’t lost on Asana.

When asked about the importance of education, she reiterates what Abdul has ingrained in his students by saying, “Education is very important because it gives us a bright future and prepares us as future leaders. Education broadens our worldview which shapes our character. Through our knowledge and skills gained in education, we can contribute to our own well-being and our families, communities, and even the world!”

Donor support is helping students like Asana and teachers like Abdul thrive worldwide. Scholastic materials, uniforms, teacher training, school meals, equipment, and textbooks are just a fraction of the materials that donors are helping provide for schools.

Abdul has big plans for his school. He hopes to have a functioning library someday so his students can read a wide array of books, but until then, donors are making a real difference by helping to create a lasting impact on the lives of young learners through education. Thank you!

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