Dear Donors: “We Love You So Much.”

Dear Donors: “We Love You So Much.”

Dear Donors,

To say 2020 was a difficult year would be an understatement. We’ve all become familiar with how this past year has changed our lives.

But it bears repeating that for the children, families and communities we partner with in Canada and around the world, the onset of COVID-19 was nothing short of a catastrophe. It will take many years of sustained effort to help them recover. 

That’s why we are all so grateful for the generosity you showed over the past year. We want you to know how touched we are by your dedication to helping children thrive. Here are a few special messages of thanks from just some of the children and families you helped support last year.

"We are supported. I am grateful to Canada."
- Rosa, Bolivia

 During the pandemic, there was a lack of many things, lack of jobs and money but with the production we did not need to buy veggies, we took care of ourselves.  We are supported. I am grateful to Canada. - Rosa, mother of Cliver, Bolivia

“I am very glad to attend the after school program. I want to thank Canada for the support.” - Cliver, 10, Bolivia

"We appreciated the healthy food bags."
- Rikki, Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation

“We appreciated the healthy food bags that were provided to families during this Covid crisis.   We [also] received fabric planter bags, soil and an assortment of seeds. This is the first time that we’ve gardened at home.

I would like to thank Canadian Feed the Children for giving us the opportunity …  I love how our culture is incorporated into everything, and that my kids get to take that with them as they grow. Thank you! - Rikki, mother of Bella, Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation

"I am able to cope - thank you!"
- Demma, Ethiopia

We have faced so many challenges especially with the expense of house rent and economic shortages.

[With] the training I received, I am able to cope with the pandemic during this difficult time. I want to say thank you for giving us an opportunity to change our life and communities.” - Demma, mother of Meheret, Ethiopia

"I would like to thank all Canadians."
- Sana, Ghana

“I would like to thank Canadians for constantly checking up on me. It makes me feel happy.” - Bintu, 10

“I would like to thank all Canadians supporting us and our children, I also pray to God to continue to bless them.” - Sana, Bintu’s aunt

"We love you so much."
- Aisha, Uganda

“I want to specially thank the Canadian supporters for their selfless contributions that they make to improve the wellbeing of families like mine. Thank you for the support, for the encouragement, for becoming our own family. We love you so much.” - Aisha, grandmother of Faridah, Uganda

    Thank you for always being there when children need you most!