Nice to meet you! Get to know our new board chair David Armour

Nice to meet you! Get to know our new board chair David Armour

We want to introduce you to David Armour, CFTC’s new Board Chair. David recently served in the dual role of Director of Philanthropy of the United Church of Canada and of President of the United Church of Canada Foundation. David brings 40 years of experience in leadership and revenue generation roles including CEO of the United Way of Canada, founding CEO of the Canadian Olympic Foundation, founding CEO of the Canadian Medical Foundation, senior advisor to the University Laval Foundation and Regional Director the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

As a volunteer, David has chaired numerous national and provincial boards and currently serves as board member of Food Banks of Canada and formerly a board member of the Pembina Institute in Alberta. At Food Banks of Canada, David co-chairs a task force to review and recommend changes to the entire food bank system in Canada. David also serves on the governance and the audit and finance committees. At the Pembina Institute David chaired the board for 6 years and in the role of past chair has recently led the restructuring and amalgamation of the Pembina Institute and Pembina Foundation in response to Canada Revenue Agencies evolving requirements.

We asked David a couple questions about what he’s looking forward to most as Board Chair for Canadian Feed The Children.


‎I am inspired by so many aspects of the organization. What a great organization!  I think that I am most inspired by what I have seen already in the work, the values and the people involved. The work is so important, the values are truly Canadian and the people involved are inspiring. 

The work is important:   ‎The organization is all about feeding children and that is incredible. This work makes a huge difference in the lives of children, families and communities. ‎The work with both Indigenous communities across Canada and also with countries around the world means that we are focused on meaningful change where it makes the most difference.

The values are truly Canadian: The organization is focused on finding solutions to food insecurity across Canada and around the world, which is quite meaningful. Even more inspiring is that the organization values local community-led solutions in their programs. This makes the work relevant, meaningful and enables real partnerships. ‎Through its partnerships with donors,  communities and community organizations, the organization is far more effective in changing lives.

The people involved are inspiring: The organization engages donors, partners, staff and board members who are truly passionate about what they do. From my first contacts with the organization, I have been so inspired meeting such an amazing group of people who bring their hearts and minds to make a difference in the lives of so many. ‎I truly wish that all of CFTC’s supporters had a chance to get to know the inspiring people that share such a strong set of values and work so hard.


First of all, the organization, it’s work, values and people are truly passionate and I ‎became more and more interested in being a part of the organization as I learned more about them. 

Whenever I look at taking on a job or volunteer role ‎I ask myself three simple questions: where can I bring my experience to make the greatest contribution, where can I learn the most and where can I work with people whose values I share. 

For me, given the experience that I bring to the organization, I feel that this role as Board Chair is an opportunity to contribute, learn and work with some great people. 

These are important times for all of us to focus on how we can affect change and make a positive difference in the lives of others.  I am hopeful that I can be helpful to this great organization as board chair. I look forward to working with the Board and Jacquelyn Wright as President & CEO to lead the organization in these changing times. 

Welcome David! It’s great to have you on board.