Top 5 Questions We’re Asked About Child Sponsorship

Top 5 Questions We’re Asked About Child Sponsorship

Choosing to sponsor a child isn’t just a life-changing experience for the child but for the entire community. You’re creating opportunities for parents to grow more food and boost their incomes as well as schools to provide better facilities and help train their teachers. Sponsored children act as “ambassadors” for other children, representing the needs of the community.

There are nearly 500 new children on our website who need someone like you to become their sponsor. It’s normal for questions to arise when making the decision to sponsor a child. We have answered the top 5 questions we’re asked about child sponsorship to help you in your journey towards sponsorship.

  1. How is my child sponsorship donation used? 

Sponsoring a child through Canadian Feed The Children for $33/month is an affordable option for Canadians to experience the joy of supporting a child with lasting benefits to thousands of children. Your sponsorship is combined with up to 2 other sponsors to create a family of supporters to care for one child, family and their community. We keep administrative costs low by not offering letter-writing or direct gift giving with your child.

On average, $24.75 of your $33 monthly donation will go to your sponsor child’s family and community, while the remaining $8.25 will go towards operating costs. Your donation goes towards providing children a safe space to attend school and school supplies to use, daily meals and snacks to keep bellies full throughout the day, and workshops for parents to learn new income-generating skills and nutrition education.

  1. What is my sponsored child’s religion?

Canadian Feed The Children is an inclusive, non-faith based charity that serves all children, regardless of race, gender, culture or religion. We do not inquire about a child’s religion, nor is religious education a component of our work.

  1. Can I communicate directly with my sponsored child?

Canadian Feed The Children provides an update letter with a 5×7 photograph of your sponsored child, details about the child’s past year, and information and photos from their community. Plus, you’ll receive a semi-annual digital newsletter, thrive!, which provides stories and photos about the impact you’re having in each of our sponsorship countries.

  1. What happens if my sponsor child leaves the program?

The most common reason for sponsored children to leave the program is graduating from school and going on to a happy and productive life! Most sponsors are happy to transfer their sponsorship onto another child, so we will make the changes automatically and send you updated information about your new sponsored child.

  1. What happens to my sponsor child if I cancel?

Because of the family of support your child has through our sponsorship model, in the event that you are unable to continue with your sponsorship, we’ll make sure that your sponsored child is supported and remains in the program until a new sponsor can be matched.

Important information to know:

  • As a child sponsor, you will receive an official charitable tax receipt in February for the total amount of your donations for the previous year. If you have misplaced your tax receipt or have any inquiries, please contact our Supporter Services team at 1-800-387-1221 or 416-757-1220 or via email at [email protected].
  • We prepare and print an annual report each year that contains summary audited financial statements, a copy of which can be sent to you upon request, or which can be viewed and downloaded here.
  • If you choose to cancel your sponsorship,  contact us at our Toronto Head Office at 1-800-387-1221 or 416-757-1220 or email us at [email protected] with your cancellation request. Please include the full name and email address you used to sign up to become a child sponsor. Do not include financial information.

We have more than 500 new children from around the world that are waiting to have someone special like you as their sponsor. Ready to begin your journey? With your monthly child sponsorship, you will help children, their families and their communities thrive and give children the opportunity to make their dreams a reality

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