You help give children a better future

You help give children a better future
By Jacquelyn (Jackie) Wright, President & CEO

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future.

And how caring people like you can change a child’s life by simply choosing to do whatever you can to help.

As the new CEO for Canadian Feed The Children, I’ve been learning all about how people like you are helping to give children a better future. I also know that too many children are still living in poverty and their futures don’t look bright – like sweet six-year-old Nfunyan. We need your help today to reach children like her.

A hard childhood

Growing up in poverty in northern Ghana as a six-year-old girl isn’t easy. Instead of simply playing with friends or learning how to colour and read, Nfunyan also has to worry about whether her parents will grow enough food on their farm so they can eat this week.

Her mom and dad struggle to care for her and her two older siblings. They often have to sell some of their limited belongings to provide for Nfunyan’s school costs and health needs. Despite all their hard work, it’s never enough.

Worse still, when Nfunyan goes to the local school she is forced to learn on the bare floor of her classroom. Her community can’t afford adequate classroom furniture. Without enough trained teachers, school supplies, proper water and sanitation facilities – all necessary for a quality education – Nfunyan’s dream of becoming a nurse one day may never come true.

When people like you get involved, there’s hope for their future!

We’ve just started working with Nfunyan’s community to help fight poverty for children just like her.

Together with our local partner and hardworking families from the community, like Nfunyan’s, we have big plans to help give an entire generation of children a better future. And we urgently need your help to do it!

Your gift today can help communities identify their biggest challenges and enable us to work together on sustainable solutions to solve them. This means they will be able to provide a healthy, happy future for their children.

New community, new hope

Today, Nfunyan’s community has no electricity, few clean water sources, poor school infrastructure and resources, low-yielding farms, and few alternative income options for families. And, like many communities, girls’ education isn’t valued as much as boys’ education. That means that girls like Nfunyan face higher rates of school dropout, early pregnancy, and early marriage.

Nfunyan is eager to see the changes that you’ll help make possible. “I am excited because I have seen new people from Tamale coming to my school to write my name!” she said. “I want to be a nurse when I grow up so I can take care of the sick people,” she told us.

Caring people like you can change a child’s life by simply choosing to do what we can to help. As you look ahead to the rest of this year and think about what the future will bring, will you also make a gift today and help give Nfunyan a better future?

Please give generously today and help fight poverty for Nfunyan and other children just like her.


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