A behind-the-scenes look

A behind-the-scenes look

Each year Canadian Feed The Children’s local partners check in with children form our Sponsor a Child program to make sure they are healthy, happy and progressing well in school – and to update all of the caring Canadians who support them. Check out some behind-the-scenes photographs of this annual event from our partner UCOBAC in Uganda!


Each child is asked about their favourite school subject, their favourite thing to do with friends, what kinds of chores they help out with at home, and what they hope to be when they grow up.


Partner staff also record each child’s weight, height and health status to ensure children are eating enough nutritious food and are healthy and growing.


Performance in school is also closely monitored – which helps identify and address any challenges students may be having, and helps celebrate successes as well!


Each student has their photograph taken annually too!


By the end of the check-in, we have a full update about each sponsored child that can help us monitor their well-being and the effectiveness of our programs in their schools and communities.


Then we share the good news with caring child sponsors in Canada so they can see the impact they are having on the health and happiness of children around the world.


And that is something to celebrate!