Thank you for 2 million meals!

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Thank you for 2 million meals!

This past year, Canadian Feed The Children donors opened up their hearts and delivered BIG impact for children. 

 Your support over the past year has been life-changing. Your gifts helped supply:

2,147,231 meals

Almost 3x more than the year before!

Your impact goes beyond meals 

2022 5-star rating ***** Charity Intelligence CanadaThere are thousands of stories of hope behind this big number. Through your gifts, you’ve partnered with families and communities around the world to give children access to a good education, support parents to grow strong livelihoods, and build strong local-food systems that provide nutritious food for everyone.  

We are grateful to all our donors for choosing to deliver impact for children through CFTC. Your partnership and trust has helped us earn a 5-star rating from Charity Intelligence for 2022. This recognition reflects our commitment to children, families and communities, and would not be possible without the support of donors like you. Thank you!

2 million meals and more

Thank you for supporting children with your gifts. Here's just some of your impact from last year.

  • 2,147,231 meals - almost 3x more than the year before.
  • 2,035,462 of the meals were provided through school nutrition programs.
  • 13,249 children received meals through a community or school feeding program.
  • 111,769 meals were provided through food hampers.

To learn more about your impact, view the latest Annual Impact Report here.

You’ve helped provide vital school meals for children like Vanessa in Uganda 

Vanessa with her lunch of posho and beans, out on the lawn of her school.

As a sponsored child, Vanessa's daily school meals are helping her focus on her studies. Thank you for making a difference for children like Vanessa!

15-year-old Vanessa lives with her grandmother and cousins in Uganda. She dreams of becoming either a news anchor or a hairdresser when she grows up and staying in school is bringing her closer to achieving her dreams.

When children have access to school meals, they are more likely to complete their education. It reduces food costs for families and gives children the energy they need to pay attention in class.

Vanessa sees a big difference in her life thanks to the school feeding program. She says,

“Having lunch at school keeps me active in class, with much energy, without any panic for classes to end soon so that I can rush back home. It gives me peace to be at school so sure that I will have a meal. It keeps me feeling good until that time when we officially have to leave school and return home. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Canadian Feed The Children so much for enabling me and many other children to be in school.

Thank you for helping feed and nourish children with your critical support!

We hope you've enjoyed learning more about how your donations are helping inspire hope and build resilience for children and families around the world.