Will Esther ever be able to go to school?

Dream Season, an online comic created by Canadian Feed The Children, is a great resource for teachers, parents and children to learn how poverty affects children and the power of education.

Like you, Esther dreams of a better world. Even when challenges seem insurmountable, Esther is there to see things just a little bit differently.

Take a peek into the first chapter of Dream Season:

Maria says that to be an astronaut Esther will need to go to school, which is impossible

Meet the creator

My name is Louisa Roy, and I spent many years as part of the CFTC team. In my spare time, I also make art and comics, activities I’ve enjoyed since I was a child. In my time at CFTC I heard many life stories from the communities that our kind donors help support. Dream Season is the story of Esther, a child who lives in poverty. But she is hopeful, too. Like you, she dreams of a better world.

Dream Season is a comic I hope you’ll enjoy reading. I think the best way to create a better world is for us to find a way to understand each other. As you read about Esther and her family and community, I hope you’ll come to know and love them as I have.

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