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Mary and her grandaughter gardening
Planting seeds of hope

Families like Mary’s often struggle to grow enough food during the dry season. Mary was finding it difficult to feed her six grandchildren but then generous Canadians helped her plant seeds of hope for her family.

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MARCH 2019

Mary and her grandaughter gardening
Empowered women empower other women

March 8th is International Women’s Day! It’s a day when the international community takes stock of the empowerment of women all over the world. Learn more about the amazing women who’ve turned your support into support for other women around the world!

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Nfunyan smiles
You help give children a better future

Nfunyan’s community in northern Ghana faces many challenges, including few clean water sources, food insecurity and poor school infrastructure. But she’s excited for the changes that Canadians will help make possible.

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Smiling family
Canadian Feed The Children Tops 2018 Financial Charity Ratings

Canadian Feed The Children has continued to earn trust and attention in 2018 for its work to unlock children’s potential through community-led action. CFTC will continue to strengthen its commitment to financial transparency and accountability in 2019 and beyond. This innovative work is only possible thanks to caring Canadians like you.

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December 2018

Meron smiles
You have the power to help this holiday season

Growing up in Ethiopia, Meron’s family struggled to provide the basics for her and her seven siblings – especially during the holiday season. But then someone gave a generous holiday gift and it changed everything.

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November 2018

Florence and her two children sit with their goats in their backyard
Life-changing Livestock

Florence and her family were struggling to make ends meet in Uganda until one goat changed everything.

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October 2018

African women Sarah giving a thumbs up while holding two cooked fish
Give families food and hope

Many families in Uganda are facing hunger this season, like Minalla and her mom. Together, we can help give families food and hope this fall.

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September 2018

African women Sarah giving a thumbs up while holding two cooked fish
Girls like Bintu want to go back to school this year

Eight-year-old Bintu faces many barriers going to school. But, together, we can help girls can beat the odds.

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August 2018

African women Sarah giving a thumbs up while holding two cooked fish
Casting for Innovation: Women Entrepreneurs Turn Fish Into a Business

“The fish business is promising and so we are committed to grow it to ensure a better life for all members.”

After joining an aquaculture group through RESULT, Sarah’s passion for entrepreneurialism led her to start a fish smoking and fish oil business in Ghana.

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July 2018

11-year-old Efrain working in the garden
Growing green thumbs in Bolivia

“Getting veggies in the market is expensive but if you produce your own veggies you also help dad and mom.”

11-year-old Efrain and 8-year-old Silvia are developing their own green thumbs. Helping children learn to grow their own food is changing communities in Bolivia.

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June 2018

16-year-old Colton looking at camera with magazine covers in the background
For the love of cooking

“I dream of starting a restaurant. Or at least to get a chef’s degree or something like that – that’s what I want to pursue.”

16-year-old Colton is pursuing a new passion thanks to a Grade 9 Food and Nutrition program in Waywayseecappo First Nation.

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May 2018

Dino in his garden shop surrounded by plants
A Mother’s Promise

“My dream is to see my children become successful in their education. For this, I will do my best.”

This is the promise that Yeshi, a mother of two living in Ethiopia, has made for her children – and despite the odds, she’s keeping that promise.

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April 2018

Dino in his garden shop surrounded by plants
Dino’s garden shop grows new life

Dino always had dreams of starting a business. But as a labourer earning an unstable income, he put his dreams on hold to focus on supporting his children.

“Of course it was not enough. I was not able to feed my children enough nutritious food throughout the year.”

Then came the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to start a garden shop.

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