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a girl holds a spoon in a cup of yogurt
Save the date for Giving Tuesday!

It’s that time of year! Giving Tuesday is Tuesday, December 1st. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic is putting 7 million more children worldwide at risk of severe hunger. Join us and mark your calendars to help feed children in Canada, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda.

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Coming together for children

COVID-19 is putting nearly 7 million more children at risk of severe hunger. While our main focus is long term food security, children and families need immediate food assistance. We can come together to help feed children and also give them a food-secure future.

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A mother sits with five of her children in front of their house
“Food is drastically running out”: Robert and Maame’s COVID-19 Story

For 14-year-old Robert and Maame in Ghana, the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially challenging. With eight children at home, Maame is worried that she will eventually run out of food to feed her family.

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A grandmother and her grandson stand in
COVID-19: Where do we go from here?

Even as parents and communities worldwide deal with the pandemic, they are also making plans for a food secure post-COVID recovery. But what will that look like?

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JULY 2020

A father sits with his three children in front of his home, one of his children on his lap
COVID-19 brings new challenges for families in Ghana

COVID-19’s effects are felt worldwide with many losing jobs and having their whole lives change. We spoke with Ahmed, a father of four in Ghana, on the challenges his family is facing in the wake of the pandemic.

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JUNE 2020

A woman and her adult daughter stand in a field holding sweetgrass with a yellow background with graphics of corn and pumpkins all around
June is National Indigenous History Month!

June is National Indigenous History Month. Join us all month on social media as we celebrate traditional foods.

Stay tuned as we have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT leading up to National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21st.

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MAY 2020

A mother and her child pose for the camera in their backyard, smiling
Your gifts at work during the COVID-19 crisis

Children and families around the world are having a hard time accessing food and other basic needs due the COVID-19 pandemic, but your gifts are making a big difference for children who need it most.

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APRIL 2020

Two little girls pose in their garden

Home gardens are growing hope thanks to you

With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting access to foods for many around the world, these families can grow nutritious fruits and veggies right in their own backyards, thanks to the support of generous donors like you.

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march 2020

A little girl in Ethiopia poses while holding a goat

Helping end forced migration for girls in Ethiopia

In honour of International Women’s Day, we are proud to introduce a new partnership between CFTC and The Slaight Family Foundation, which will help women and girls in Ethiopia build their own empowered futures.

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February 2020

Little girls jumping in the air with a colourful circular border around them

Your guide to the Global Goals

Did you know you are part of a global movement to help end poverty for all? Learn how your support is changing the world as Canada celebrates International Development Week 2020 from Feb 2-8.

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January 2020

A group of girls hugging with cartoon hearts around them

9 Reasons Why We Love You!

We are blessed to have an amazing group of donors and supporters, but did you know just how incredible you are? All of us are feeling the #DonorLove, so here’s 9 Reasons Why We Love YOU!

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December 2019

A little girl stares directly into the camera and smiles
School meals are the start of change

Before her school had a school feeding program, generously supported by CFTC donors, six-year-old Melan used to go hungry throughout the day. But now a school feeding program is giving Melan and her friends a fresh start.

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Mother and her young son smiling and waving to the camera
From Hunger to Hope: Denis’ story

11-year-old Denis used to rely on daily school meals but when his single mother Esther couldn’t afford his fees, he was forced to leave school and would go to bed hungry. Then generous donors helped provide Esther with agricultural training to bring hope to her family.

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