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a little boy in a toque stands in a forest
National Indigenous History Month

For National Indigenous History Month, Canadian Feed The Children is celebrating and uplifting Indigenous food systems, as well as the children, families and communities who are working toward achieving Indigenous food sovereignty.

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MAY 2021

a little girl hugs her mom
Luz and Maria’s mother-daughter bond

Happy Mother’s Day from Luz and Maria! In the face of many difficulties caused by lockdowns in Bolivia, Luz and Maria are finding time to share special moments as mother and daughter.

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APRIL 2021

a woman and her son stand in a garden
Let’s get growing!

Rosa’s family is one of the millions worldwide who are getting their gardens growing. Thanks to the support of CFTC donors, Rosa’s home garden is flourishing with healthy and fresh produce to feed her whole family.

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MARCH 2021

a girl smiles for the camera with cartoon female symbols behind her
The Future is Female: Monenus and Vanessa’s just recovery for everyone

March is Women’s History Month! As CFTC supporters, you can help build a more gender equal world. For International Women’s Day on March 8th, stand with girls like Vanessa and Monenus, teen changemakers who are advancing gender equality in innovative ways. Read their stories and find out how you can help.

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a young woman stands smiling with the camera with rainbow circles around her
#GoForTheGoals this International Development Week

Canada’s International Development Week is February 7 – 13, 2021! This year we’re celebrating how young people around the world are making a better world for everyone by helping to achieve the Global Goals – and how you can too!

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a girl wearing a hijab smiles for the camera
Dear Donors: “We Love You So Much.”

Here are a few special messages of thanks from the children and families you helped support last year.

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a toddler boy smiles for the camera
Records broken this Giving Tuesday

On Giving Tuesday, our donors opened their hearts and gave generously to feed children and families worldwide. Collectively, our donors raised an astounding $175,000! This is more than 3x our original goal – Thank You!

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a girl holds a spoon in a cup of yogurt
Save the date for Giving Tuesday!

It’s that time of year! Giving Tuesday is Tuesday, December 1st. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic is putting 7 million more children worldwide at risk of severe hunger. Join us and mark your calendars to help feed children in Canada, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda.

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Coming together for children

COVID-19 is putting nearly 7 million more children at risk of severe hunger. While our main focus is long term food security, children and families need immediate food assistance. We can come together to help feed children and also give them a food-secure future.

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A mother sits with five of her children in front of their house
“Food is drastically running out”: Robert and Maame’s COVID-19 Story

For 14-year-old Robert and Maame in Ghana, the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially challenging. With eight children at home, Maame is worried that she will eventually run out of food to feed her family.

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A grandmother and her grandson stand in
COVID-19: Where do we go from here?

Even as parents and communities worldwide deal with the pandemic, they are also making plans for a food secure post-COVID recovery. But what will that look like?

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JULY 2020

A father sits with his three children in front of his home, one of his children on his lap
COVID-19 brings new challenges for families in Ghana

COVID-19’s effects are felt worldwide with many losing jobs and having their whole lives change. We spoke with Ahmed, a father of four in Ghana, on the challenges his family is facing in the wake of the pandemic.

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JUNE 2020

A woman and her adult daughter stand in a field holding sweetgrass with a yellow background with graphics of corn and pumpkins all around
June is National Indigenous History Month!

June is National Indigenous History Month. Join us all month on social media as we celebrate traditional foods.

Stay tuned as we have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT leading up to National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21st.

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