When you buy a goat for a family in Africa real families benefit. Image shows African child holding a goat.

Donate an Animal

Donate an animal to a family from just $25 and give them the tools they need to become food secure.

Donate Animals to Feed Families


For children who are at risk of malnutrition, the complete protein derived from goats and pigs is critical to improving their health. While three chickens typically produce around 1,000 eggs annually, providing families with a rich source of protein. Bees come with the double benefit of improving crop yields for farming families, while augmenting their diets with honey.


Animals are distributed through Village Savings and Loans Associations – microfinance programs that teach women effective animal care and breeding techniques as part of overall literacy and numeracy, business and marketing training.


While gender equality training is an important part of our programs, many women in sub-saharan Africa are still prevented from owning land. Fortunately, the animals in our livestock program take up little space, giving a mom financial independence and the chance to lift her family out of poverty.


Donate animals to provide families with multiple income generating options. Chickens (eggs) and bees (honey and bees wax) produce high-demand produce that can then be sold and/or traded for other food. While goats, sheep and pigs breed quickly, allowing additional animals to be traded up for larger livestock or to be sold to finance new businesses.

Animal Gifts

Donate animals from as little as $25


Fast to reproduce, hardy, and easy to care for, the gift of a goat gives a rural family a welcome form of nutrition as well as sustainable income.

Three chickens lay 1,000 eggs a year – a reliable source of food and income that families can count on.

This gift provides funding to an Indigenous community to build a coop and buy feed to support a sustainable food source for the entire community.


This gift has great buzz! With training and supplies, farmers can take advantage of this sweet deal to generate income. Bees are great for the environment, too!

Your gift supports animal breeding training and veterinarian care on small-scale farms.

Your gift will provide veterinarian care to help a small-scale farmer.

Livestock, animal care and training, plus garden supplies and tools set up a family with a farm that will give them food and income year round.

This gift will go towards helping children with what they need the most right now. Your life-changing support will make a world of difference to a child.

This gift will go towards helping children with what they need the most right now. Your life-changing support will make a world of difference to a child.

How it Works


Donate Animals here. We'll source them there

When you donate animals they'll be sourced locally, i.e. as close to the recipient as possible. This approach provides an extra boost to local economies while keeping transport costs to a minimum.


Send a Free Card to a Special Somebody

With each animal donation you will be able to select a FREE Printed, PDF or Ecard to send to a special somebody. Card designs include holiday, gift-themed (pictured), birthday, teacher, wedding plus many more. You can also buy charity animals without selecting a card.

Buy a goat and receive this free card showing a smiling African girl holding a goat

Pay & Instantly Receive a Tax Receipt

When you donate livestock you will immediately receive a charitable tax receipt in PDF format by email. You can pay for your animal donation using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Amex) or via PayPal. Canadian Feed The Children is a registered Canadian charity.

How Buying a Gift of Livestock Changes Lives

At 14, Zoe from Neyaashiinigmiing in Ontario has more experience than most in working toward food sovereignty. Firmly embedded in her Indigenous food traditions and heritage, Zoe has championed for food security and food sovereignty all her life. From her Elders, she’s learned how to grow food and eat from the land and leads her peers in tending the school orchard and produce garden.

Zoe says “Our community is filled with caring and loving people and I feel really safe living here. That’s why I’ve been proud to be a part of our school and community gardening programs. It’s really great to see everybody come together and make something that we can all benefit from. I’ve also learned a lot about food that grows within our native lands. I enjoy harvesting wild foods like leeks, morels, puffballs and apples. I also like to go partridge hunting with my Papa. Sometimes, we are able to give some of the food that we’ve gathered to other people in the community. This makes me feel good about myself".

We at Canadian Feed The Children have been honoured to watch Zoe grow over the years into the young leader she is today. Zoe challenges us all to think of how our small actions can make a big impact.

By buying a Best.Gift.Ever you are helping children like Zoe learn the importance of regaining food sovereignty and supporting programs like school and community gardens, Indigenous knowledge education and much more!

About Us

35-Years Experience Feeding Children

Children Canadian Feed The Children is an independent, secular development agency with 35-years experience feeding children.

We take a community-led approach to improving food security in the communities where we work.

We're an awarding-winning, 5-star rated charity that envisions a world where children thrive free from hunger and poverty.

“I donate to Canadian Feed The Children because children should not be hungry. It’s up to us to make sure this doesn’t happen.”

- Robyn

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You can purchase charity animals online using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal. You can also buy a goat by calling 1-800-387-1221 between 9am – 5pm EST, Monday to Friday.


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