In 2019, Canadian Feed The Children joined together with families and communities in Bolivia, Canada, Ethiopia, Uganda and Ghana to achieve significant impact for children.

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Greater Impact in 2019

In 2019, CFTC provided 3 million meals for children through school and community programs.

That’s +200,000 more meals than the previous year.

Less Hunger,
Better Nutrition

16,214 children received meals through school feeding programs alone.

549 new gardens are growing fresh produce in schools, communities and in homes around the world.

1,140 children, women and men in Indigenous communities received nutritional training, with a focus on incorporating nutrient-rich traditional foods into their diets.


2,560 farmers scaled up their farming businesses through agricultural training. 62% were women.

In 2019, 7,016 farmers grew their investments through self-help groups. 77% were women.

In Bolivia, 78% of participants in a vegetable production and marketing training program increased their income by 35%.

Greater Academic

In Ethiopia, 615 children accessed free early childhood education.

In Uganda, 664 girls participated in a safe spaces program that addresses the barriers to girls education. 100% of these girls stayed in school.

1,775 children in Ghana accessed enhanced learning including recreation activities, new playground equipment and ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) education.

More Resilient

770 youth in 30 groups around the world are taking the lead to promote food security, understand their sexual-reproductive health and rights, and advocate for children.

Muskeg Lake Cree Nation began the second phase of their innovative food forest, a long term investment in food sovereignty.

In one Ugandan community, members of CFTC-supported parent groups joined with local authorities to ban early marriage and keep girls in school.


My name is Zoe, I am eleven years old. My community of Neyaashiinigmiing is one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever seen, but we do face some challenges accessing healthy food. Some people don’t always have enough money to get the food that they need. Healthy foods seem to cost more, especially out of season.

Sometimes kids will come to school without healthy foods.

That’s why I’ve been proud to be a part of our school gardening program. We have also been taught how to forage and harvest wild foods responsibly in our own community. I enjoy harvesting wild foods like leeks, morels, puffballs and apples, as well as going partridge hunting with my Papa. Sometimes, we give some of the food that we’ve gathered to other people in the community. This makes me feel good about myself.

I just want to thank Canadian Feed The Children for supporting our Healthy Living Program for so many years. We have been able to accomplish so much in our school and community because of you and all your faithful donors. Chi-miigwetch!

We sincerely thank our donors, whose continued support helps create a world where children thrive.

Why Canadian Feed The Children

We’re an independent, secular development agency founded and operating in Canada since 1986.


CFTC is honoured to be named a 2019 Top 10 Impact Charity by Charity Intelligence Canada. Charity Intelligence estimates that Top 10 Impact Charities deliver average returns of seven times for every dollar donated, compared with an average of 1-2 times.

Canadian Feed The Children also ranked as one of the top 10 international development charities for 2019 (#14 in the Top 100), rated ‘A’ by MoneySense magazine for program spending efficiency, fundraising costs, and governance.

We’re also honoured to have been one of the first charities to be accredited by Imagine Canada’s Standards Program and to have been awarded “Exemplar” status for 2014-2017 by the Voluntary Sector Reporting Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting Transparency.


PricewaterhouseCoopers independently audits our financials before being published each year, while our volunteer Board of Directors sets and exceeds the highest standards in governance. You can count on the highest standards when it comes to use and stewardship of your generous donation. For more information please download our latest Annual Report.

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