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How You’ve Helped

Because of you

children eat good food every day, get a good education, and grow up in healthy, resilient, self-sustaining communities.


You’ve created change in two areas

Food Security & Education

You’ve helped people

grow more food

eat healthy, culturally-appropriate food

and earn incomes to buy more food

You’ve helped children

attend early childhood development centres

get a quality primary education

eat nutritious meals at school so they learn better.

You’ve helped address three issues that are critical for

Strong sustainable communities

Strong local organizations that
support child-focused development


Climate change adaptation and environmental sustainability

Your Impact in 2015

You’ve provided children with nutritious, healthy meals


5.05 million meals & snacks

The cornerstone of CFTC’s approach, school nutrition programs support healthy child development and better learning.

You’ve improved food availability through agricultural production



Climate- and gender-sensitive training and inputs boost food security for thousands of children, women and men.


farmers received agricultural training


farmers received seeds, tools, plants, livestock, and other farming basics


school gardens were planted


6 out of 10

farmers are women


You’ve increased the amount of money parents earn


Income Generation

Microfinance initiatives assist people, especially women, to earn and save for economic independence and self-reliance.


self-help groups and village savings & loans associations are operating


members are borrowing, saving
and earning income

8 out of 10

members are women icon-impact-income-2-70

You’ve enabled children to obtain quality early childhood care
and education


Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE)

You’ve enabled children to obtain quality early childhood care and education during their critical first six years.


children are attending 34 early childhood care and education (ECCE) centres


new ECCE classrooms have been built or renovated


educators (42 new) have received training


parents/guardians attend parenting classes

You’ve ensured that primary school children have what they need
to attend school and learn


Primary Education

Quality primary and early childhood education lets children — especially girls — attend, remain in and graduate from school for increased earning potential and brighter futures.


students are attending primary school


primary school teachers have been recruited and trained


classrooms have been built or renovated


new water and sanitation facilities have been installed in schools


classrooms have been restocked with school supplies and equipment

You can count on us to:

Make sure your investments get results

Work directly with our local partners and communities to monitor and evaluate the programs you generously fund

Use what we’ve learned to continually improve the impact your donations are achieving

Who You’ve Helped


Mwinpog Dan-yi

Mother of five, farmer, RESULT beneficiary

Konzokalah, Jirapa District, Ghana

I am the household breadwinner. Before the RESULT project came to my community, I had to scratch the surface of the earth daily to put food on the table for my five children and aged mother. We ran out of grains and I had to sell a pig to buy foodstuffs to supplement our diet.

I realized things were going to change for me and my family when the project staff explained that apart from benefiting from more crops, I could also choose to participate in new income generating activities.

True to my expectation, I got some maize seed and project staff helped me measure one acre from my parcel of land to plant the seeds. With that and crops from the rest of my land, I got seven bags of maize and I have been able to pay all my children’s school fees and renewed our health insurance cards.

I am also hoping that when I sell one or two of my pigs, I will buy more guinea corn to increase the quantity of the pito I brew instead of using it to buy foodstuffs and my pigs will continue to get more pito mash to feed on.

I have seen the benefits the project has brought to me and my family and I pray to God to bless you the more so that you can continue to support us.


The RESULT project targets female-headed households just like Mwinpog’s and provides seeds, livestock and training to improve farm yields…and ultimately, put more food on the table for children.

Your support has enabled Mwinpog Dan-yi to double her agricultural productivity and feed her five children and aging mother all year round.



Student, gardener, philanthropist

Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation
Neyaashiinigmiing, Ontario

“A large number of families in the community are living below the poverty line and struggle to make ends meet,” said Debbie Chegahno, the principal at Kikendaasogamig Elementary School. “There are still children who do not bring lunches on a regular basis or do not bring healthy food. This is a direct result of the low income earnings in the community, the high price of food, and the lack of transportation.”

Students at Zoe’s school and the broader community have benefited from your support, which has allowed community leaders and elders to develop a culturally-meaningful, holistic food security program. The program includes school breakfasts and lunches, in-class nutrition education, family outreach, inter-generational activities, a school garden, and a new Fresh for Less program providing the community with affordable, healthy food.

A key focus is on empowering youth to make changes in their own lives and communities by giving them the support and tools to do so. Zoe and her classmates at Kikendaasogamig Elementary School have quickly become nutrition advocates for their own community. They participate in planting and harvesting, hold “healthy food fairs,” learn food preparation skills, and pack food boxes for distribution to those in need.

At the school’s recent Nutrition Project Fundraising Bazaar, Zoe rented a vendor’s table and sold used toys and homemade crafts at “Zoe’s Toy Emporium.” She raised $47 – and purchased three chickens through CFTC’s Best.Gift.Ever catalogue – so that children in a CFTC community in Africa could benefit from similar programs as she and her classmates have! Upon realizing the impact she could have on other children’s lives, she said: “I guess I better start fundraising more!”


Debbie Chegahno, principal (centre) with Zoe and Zoe’s “Great-Gramma Chegahno” (Philomene Chegahno) at a recent “Elders’ Luncheon” held at Kikendaasogamig School. Incorporating Indigenous culture and traditions into food practices is essential for sustainability and community leadership of food and nutrition programs.

The children of Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation School get two nutritious meals a day that include produce from their own garden – because of you!


Woinshet Tefera

34-year-old widow, self-help group member and farmer

Abaye-Atir, North Shewa, Ethiopia

I was one of the poorest of the poor in my community and I was struggling to survive with my two children. But my life has changed significantly since I started rearing goats. Before receiving two goats, my income was not sufficient to cover my household expenses and I couldn’t meet the needs of my children.

Since I started rearing goats and earning an income from them, the biggest difference in my children’s lives is that they are now happy and hopeful. I am able to provide adequate food for my children and pay for school expenses. My children’s future is bright!

I am on a good track and I am growing my business. I sold 10 goats for 6,850 birr, and bought a deep freezer and fridge and started selling soft drinks and beer. Now I am getting an average of 200 birr per day compared to less than 100 birr per day previously.

I maintain 13 goats which are all in good condition. I want to have a big area of land to expand my business and increase my herd of goats to large number.


Thousands of women like Woinshet are starting and growing businesses, gaining power and voice and creating a sustainable path out of poverty for their families and communities.

You’ve helped Woinshet double her income thanks to an Ethiopian livestock distribution and business training program.

Education: ECCE

Azalech Tadesse

Early childhood educator

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I am an early childhood educator at a public school in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In my community, resources are stretched thin and education is sadly undervalued. Education for children in the pre-primary years is not considered important at all.

But early childhood education is the foundation for future learning potential and success of students. ECCE centres not only benefit children but parents too — especially mothers who can have peace of mind going to work knowing their children are in a safe, healthy and inspiring environment. This ultimately leads to positive and sustainable change.

I have seen it with my own eyes: the blossoming of potential, the future success children are able to achieve when they have the foundation of good early childhood care and education. Children graduating from my classroom and going on to success in later schooling. Graduating from high school and going to college!

Thanks to your support, I received training that has helped me become a better teacher and has allowed me to train other ECCE educators at my school.


Colourful, visual, fun and tactile learning tools take sensory learning to another level. With funding from CFTC donors, Azalech has been able to buy supplies and create classroom learning materials.

Award-winning educator Azalech Tadesse now teaches others how to improve the lives of the youngest children, thanks to you.


Leila, age 12

Student, aspiring science teacher

Kabale, Uganda

“I want to be a science teacher. I love the way teachers conduct themselves. They respect themselves and help to teach children from poor families. That’s what I want to be like. Teachers are important because they educate children who later become important people in the country.

If I couldn’t go to school, I wouldn’t know how to read, how to write, how to work with numbers like addition, subtraction, and I could not have any hope to get a good job. If you do not go to school, how can you learn those things? You can’t!

When I become a teacher, I want to take care of my mother. I don’t want to see her suffer.”

Inspired by her teacher and encouraged by her mother, Leila is a dedicated student who consistently achieves top marks in school. Despite her husband’s objections and lack of support for the family, Leila’s mother, Yasin, has worked hard to make it possible for all of her children – but especially star student Leila – to attend school.

“Education will improve Leila’s future. She will see things differently, speak English, write and read, and become an important person someday,” said Yasin.

“I want to thank [CFTC donors] very much! I have managed to support my daughter to obtain an education. I pray that God gives me the means to support her to achieve her dream. I must strive to see her get there!”


A strong teacher can make all the difference in a child’s life, which is why your gifts supporting teacher recruitment and training are so important.

Despite traditions that discourage girls’ education, you’ve helped Leila’s teachers and mother make it possible for Leila to follow her dreams!

Where You’ve Helped

Click the map markers for more information about each country


Deepening our impact for children through education in rural and urban areas

4,013 children and adults

2 community partners


Beyond the classroom and the school year to community-wide food security

12,175 children and adults

9 community partners


Expanding the access and availability of food through market-led agriculture

71,276 children and adults

5 community partners


Driving sustainable gains in farm production by boosting community resilience

115,042 children and adults

3 community partners


Local partners working together to support vulnerable children in communities

11,587 children and adults

3 community partners

Thank you for helping children thrive!