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1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty

We’re helping children living in poverty by improving the self-sufficiency of their families and communities.

Beyond Charity

Beyond Charity

Our mission is to unlock children’s potential through community-led action in Canada and around the world.

Beyond Food

From food aid to sustainable food security

Your charitable gift serves up nutritious meals in schools and daycares, and helps parents grow and sell food, earning the income they need to nourish their children and send them to school.

Beyond Books

From school supplies to quality education

Give a child a poverty-free future: with every year of school, future earning potential increases. Your donation removes the barriers to education, especially for girls.

Beyond Charity

From charity to long-lasting change

Your online donation creates a better world for children by empowering parents, teachers and caregivers to implement sustainable change that has a lasting impact on children’s lives.

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Your donation will help fund our food security, education & capacity building programs.



Early childhood education programs in La Paz, Bolivia provide daily meals, an excellent education and before- and after-school activities. Well-run, safe spaces with qualified educators provide parents with peace of mind, freeing them to earn incomes knowing their children are being cared for.

School Gardens


School and community gardens are vibrant, hands-on ways to connect students, teachers, Elders, and other community members with the source of healthy, nutritious food. Gardens build knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating. In autumn, in First Nations communities supported by CFTC, students enjoy reaping the harvest of their hard work to prepare and serve a meal to their Elders in celebration and thanks.

Agricultural Training

ghana, ethiopia

Community-led agricultural training and extension services help increase crop productivity, boost resilience to climate change, and create sustainable income from agriculture. Smallholder farm families are better able to feed their families consistently, despite the challenges imposed by a harsh and changing climate. Agricultural inputs and training help improve food security for hundreds of thousands of people through CFTC-supported programming in northern Ghana and the Eastern Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

Community Capacity Building

ethiopia, ghana, uganda

Village Savings and Loan Associations, Self-Help Groups and other micro-finance initiatives provide participants – primarily women – with business and marketing skills, knowledge of credit and savings, and the means to earn and control their own income. Groups like these enable parents to increase their household earnings and engage in sustainable livelihoods, resulting in lasting, community-led change that ultimately helps improve children’s nutrition and health.

School Nutrition


In-school feeding programs remain a foundational element of CFTC’s work in Uganda. Providing healthy, nutritious breakfasts, lunches and snacks keeps children in school and helps them learn effectively when there. In impoverished and food-insecure communities, school nutrition programs alleviate the immense burden on parents to provide for their children, allowing for more equitable distribution of scarce household resources and reducing hunger among the most vulnerable.

My mother recently died, and my brothers and sisters and I were split up. Without the sponsorship program, I wouldn’t have been able to stay in school. My dream is to have my own house so I can reunite our family.Dayana, Sponsored child from Bolivia
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You can make an online donation to CFTC using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal. You can also donate by calling 1-800-387-1221 between 9am – 5pm EST, Monday to Friday.

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We’re an independent, secular development agency founded and operating in Canada since 1986.


We are proud to have been named, for the second consecutive year, one of the Charities of the Year 2017 by the Financial Post.

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Our financials are independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers and published each year, while our volunteer Board of Directors sets and exceeds the highest standards in governance. You can count on the highest standards when it comes to use and stewardship of your generous donations.

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