Matched donations as gifts for as little as $12*. Give a child the gift of a brighter future today!

Donations as gifts matched until Dec. 25 or to a max. of $50,000 thanks to a small group of special donors.


Donations as Gifts from $12


Fast to reproduce, hardy, and easy to care for, the gift of a goat gives a rural family a welcome form of nutrition as well as sustainable income.

Cute chicks grow up to give excellent nutrition: three can provide 1,000 eggs a year. Your gift includes feed, training, and hen house construction.

Often mandatory yet unaffordable, a school uniform allows a child to enroll in school, boosts their confidence and gives them a sense of belonging.

Orange, banana and mango starter trees give farm families fresh fruit for food and income.


Sheep provide rural families with a sustainable source of nutrition and income. Your gift includes feed and training on care and breeding.


Beekeeping training and start-up supplies yield tangible products (honey, wax), promote biodiversity, and aid in pollination for better crops.


Seeds are often costly and many farmers are unable to obtain them easily. Give the gift that grows into healthy crops for consumption and sale, and sow hope!

School breakfasts and lunches feed hungry tummies and fuel learning each school day.

A school latrine improves student health and hygiene, and significantly reduces sanitation-related illness - plus, it helps girls attend and stay in school.

Good nutrition is crucial for children as they are developing. Your gift provides one year of nutritious food for a child at school in an international location.

In the event that money raised for a particular item exceeds the demand for that item, your donation as gifts will be directed to a related gift in our catalogue.



Drought-resistant veggie seeds and supplies help farm families diversify their diets and bring in extra income year-round.

This shea butter business start-up kit provides a woman with materials, supplies and training to produce and sell natural shea butter as an income-generating opportunity.

Soap-making is lucrative for women’s groups. From household use to personal care, women who produce and market soap are cleaning up in more ways than one!


Shaving hours off women’s and girls’ labour, energy-efficient stoves yield health, environmental and time benefits. They also provide a sustainable source of community income.

A fish farming kit gives a family in Ghana a new source of protein and a good livelihood!

In the event that money raised for a particular item exceeds the demand for that item, your donation as gifts will be directed to a related gift in our catalogue.

How It Works


Buy it here. We'll source it there

The charity gift you purchase will be sourced locally, i.e. as close to the recipient as possible. This approach provides an extra boost to local economies while keeping transport costs to a minimum.


Send a Free Card to a Special Somebody

When you buy a charity gift from our Best.Gift.Ever catalogue you will be able to select a FREE Printed, PDF or eCard to send to a special somebody. Card designs include Christmas (pictured), goat-themed, birthday, teacher, wedding plus many more. You can also buy charity gifts without selecting a card.

Donations as Gifts includes a free Christmas Card with a smiling African girl on the front with Christmas lights behind her.

Pay & Instantly Receive a Tax Receipt

When you buy charity gifts online you will immediately receive a charitable tax receipt in PDF format by email. You can pay for your charity gifts using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Amex) or via PayPal. Canadian Feed The Children is a registered Canadian charity.

How Charity Gifts
Change Lives

African grandmother and her three grandchildren stand by their goat
Right now in Canada and countries around the world children’s lives are being changed because of purchases made from CFTC's Best.Gift.Ever charity gift catalogue.
From giving a goatto empowering a motherto feeding a child, when you give the Best.Gift.Ever you are helping to make a real difference.
Zemu (pictured above right) was empowered with the gift of a goat last year. The extra income helped her feed her grandchildren and send them to school. Now she is saving money to start a small business.

Why Canadian Feed The Children


We are proud to have been named, for the second consecutive year, one of the Charities of the Year 2017 by the Financial Post.

We’re also honoured to have been one of the first charities to be accredited by Imagine Canada’s Standards Program and to have been awarded “Exemplar” status for 2014-2017 by the Voluntary Sector Reporting Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting Transparency.


PricewaterhouseCoopers independently audits our financials before being published each year, while our volunteer Board of Directors sets and exceeds the highest standards in governance. When you buy a Charity Gifts Canada or any other gift, you can count on the highest standards when it comes to use and stewardship of your generous donation. For more information please download our latest Annual Report.

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You can purchase gifts online using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal. You can also make donations as a gift by calling 1-800-387-1221 between 9am – 5pm EST, Monday to Friday.

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