Charity Gifts for Christmas Matched until Dec 25*

Double your impact with Matched Charity Gifts for Christmas from just $12. All gifts include a Free Christmas Card. Double your impact today!

Gifts matched up to a max. of $50,000 thanks to a special group of CFTC donors.


Charity Gifts for Christmas Matched until Dec 25*

Double your impact with Matched Charity Gifts for Christmas from just $12. All gifts include a Free Christmas Card. Double your impact today!

Gifts matched up to a max. of $50,000 thanks to a special group of CFTC donors.


Matched gifts from just $12


Fast to reproduce, hardy, and easy to care for, the gift of a goat gives a rural family a welcome form of nutrition as well as sustainable income.

Cute chicks grow up to give excellent nutrition: three can provide 1,000 eggs a year. Your gift includes feed, training, and hen house construction.


Beekeeping training and start-up supplies yield tangible products (honey, wax), promote biodiversity, and aid in pollination for better crops.


Sheep provide rural families with a sustainable source of nutrition and income. Your gift includes feed and training on care and breeding.

School breakfasts and lunches feed hungry tummies and fuel learning each school day.

Often mandatory yet unaffordable, a school uniform allows a child to enroll in school, boosts their confidence and gives them a sense of belonging.


A bicycle makes it easier for community volunteers to visit farm families to provide them with the support they need to thrive.

Good nutrition is crucial for children as they are developing. Your gift provides one year of nutritious food for a child at school in an international location.

There’s food on the table all year long when farmers have the seeds, tools and knowledge to grow veggies in the dry season!

A school latrine improves student health and hygiene, and significantly reduces sanitation-related illness - plus, it helps girls attend and stay in school.


Seeds are often costly and many farmers are unable to obtain them easily. Give the gift that grows into healthy crops for consumption and sale, and sow hope!

By providing an artisan basket weaver with the supplies she needs, you will be setting her up for success and to earn an income to support her family.

In the event that money raised for a particular item exceeds the demand for that item, your Charity Gift for Christmas will be directed to a related gift in our catalogue.

How It Works


Buy it here. We'll source it there

The charity gift for Christmas you purchase will be sourced locally, i.e. as close to the recipient as possible. This approach provides an extra boost to local economies while keeping transport costs to a minimum.


Send a Christmas Card to a Special Somebody

When you buy a charity gift for Christmas from our Best.Gift.Ever catalogue you will be able to select a FREE Printed, PDF or eCard to send to a special somebody. Card designs include Christmas (pictured), gift-themed, birthday, teacher, wedding plus many more. You can also buy charity gifts without selecting a card.

Buy a charity gift for Christmas and receive a free Christmas card showing a smiling African girl and Christmas decorations in the background

Pay & Instantly Receive a Tax Receipt

When you buy charity gifts for Christmas online you will immediately receive a charitable tax receipt in PDF format by email. You can pay for your charity gifts using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Amex) or via PayPal. Canadian Feed The Children is a registered Canadian charity.

How Your Charity Christmas Gift
Can Change Lives

Florence with her family and their goats
After my husband lost his job as a fisherman, we suffered as a family. We used to plead with the school not to chase our three children away when we were behind on fees. We were struggling – and that’s when you came in. Florence, 34, Uganda

Canadian Feed The Children’s local partner HUYSLINCI, with the support of many generous Canadians, offered Florence training in caring for domestic animals and maintaining a vegetable garden. She learned that animals need space that is well planned and maintained as well as how to properly feed them, and to identify disease and illness and how to treat them.

HUYSLINCI also taught her the importance of saving and borrowing, and to not sell animals if an urgent need arises in the household.

These days I spend most of the time looking after my animals. I also grow bountiful vegetables for us to eat and sell and I am so happy that you helped give me those skills. I am proud of the way my little farm is expanding.

Florence is also incredibly proud that she can provide food for her children and afford their school fees. “Look at my children,” she says, placing her hand on the back of her daughter’s head, “they look good….but do you know why?… it’s because of you.”

Why Canadian Feed The Children


We are an award-winning organization. We were named as a Financial Post’s Charity of the Year in 2016 and 2017, a Charity Intelligence Top 100 Rated Charity in 2018 and a MoneySense Top 100 Charity 2019.

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We are an accredited member of Imagine Canada as well as a Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance Member.


We are transparent, trustworthy, and accountable. You can read our publicly available financial statements in our annual report here.

On a Mission

Our mission is to unlock children’s potential through community-led action in Canada and around the world.

African children pose for a photo in their school uniforms

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Options

You can purchase charity gifts online using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal. You can also buy a goat by calling 1-800-387-1221 between 9am – 5pm EST, Monday to Friday.

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