We’re looking for 50 social investors from across Canada to support bright and resilient entrepreneurs in northern Ghana.

Will you say “YES, I believe in you” to a hard-working entrepreneur today?

YES! I believe in you

Why venturehub GHANA?

Accelerate one entrepreneur’s small business with a $1,000 social investment

Increase the value and savings of women-led businesses by 10% in one year

Spur innovation and market development in one of the poorest regions in Ghana

Choose fish farming, soap making, shea butter processing, or basket weaving to invest in

Meet our featured entrepreneurs

Suzy: Fish Farm Innovator

Suzy used to travel to sell food - now she runs a fish farming business with others in her community. With your investment she will reach local markets.

Awintorga: Best-selling Shea Butter

Awintorga used to wash dishes - now she runs a shea butter business with others in her community. Your investment will help her improve her product and teach her marketing.

Salaamtu: International Basket Weaver

Salaamtu used to grow maize - now she runs a basket weaving business with others in her community. Your investment will help her reach different markets and fulfill demand.

Akurigo: Soap That Cleans Up

Akurigo used to work on other people’s farms - now she runs a soap business with others in her community. Your investment will help her improve her product and reach new customers.

What is a venturehub GHANA social investor?

Social investors provide a one-time investment in a startup or small business to help spur innovation and growth.

With a $1,000 gift as a venturehub GHANA social investor through Canadian Feed The Children, you are supporting an entrepreneur who is ready to take that next big step.

Entrepreneurs will receive capital investments, support services, training and mentorship through a newly opened innovation hub in Bongo, Ghana.

venturehub GHANA’s social investors will pass on the full benefit of their donation to the entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Now that's a return on investment!

As a venturehub GHANA social investor, you will receive quarterly impact reports on the progress of the entrepreneurs you’re encouraging, the businesses they are building, and the families they support.

You’ll help entrepreneurs improve all aspects of their businesses’ value chain.

Don’t want to do it alone? Invite others to join!

Invite your friends and family to invest in a business together. You can set up a page on our easy-to-use fundraising platform to spread the word and raise funds to reach your $1,000 goal.

Donate your birthday, host a fundraising party, or simply work your networks to help make a social investment that transforms lives.

To learn more about venturehub GHANA or how to get involved, contact Michelle Vinokurov at 1-800-387-1221 ext. 227 or at [email protected]