You have the power to help this holiday season!

Families in Ethiopia are struggling this holiday season to make ends meet and parents can’t afford their children’s basic needs.

Instead of toys, children’s holiday wishes this year are for a hot meal, a warm bed, and a chance to go to school.

young children sitting at desks in a classroom in Ethiopia

Almost 5.6 million people are in need of food.

Over 2 million children are not enrolled in school.

Malnutrition in early childhood can lead to irreversible stunted growth and impaired cognitive ability.

three african women collect water from a community well in Uganda

Families in Ethiopia need your help

Just like we do in Canada, families in Ethiopia celebrate the holiday season.

Your special gift will help make sure that a child living in Ethiopia can go to school, eat healthy meals, and have a warm and supportive home – so they can wish for more this holiday season than just their basic needs.


As you think about sharing special gifts with your loved ones this season, please consider donating to a child in need – and let them know that someone like you cares.